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Item YearFront ImageOther ImageDescriptionColorSizeQuan.CollectionNationalityTime PeriodLocationCompanyAvailable to Students
1-2005Maroon top with brown skirt. Skirst are different shades of brown.Brown10EquilibreCenter for Art and Dance (Hanging)CompanydanceYes
1-2006 1-2006Black shirt with brown random pattern. One sleeve, one black strap.Black16Center for Art and Dance (Container)CompanydanceYes
1-2007 1-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
1-2010 1-2010RedIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
10-2005 10-2005Long sleeve button down. One side pocket.White1White BlouseCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
10-2006 10-2006Green unitard with loose hip area, tight leg area and net fabric on sleeves with elastic on wrist.Greensmall, medium, large3Yes
10-2007 10-2007pinkCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
10-2010 10-2010Multiple colorsIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
100-2006 100-2006Gray/silver crinkled satin fabric tank top.greylarge1Yes
101-2006 101-2006Balck with silver sheen t-shirt.Blacklarge1Yes
103-2006 103-2006Floral sleeveless top.Multiple colorssmall1Yes
104-2006 104-2006Black button-up shirt with sparkley sheen.Blacklarge1Yes
105-2006 105-2006Sleevelss button-up shirt.Greensmall1Yes
106-2006 106-2006Tan sleeveless button-up shirt.tanmedium1Yes
107-2006 107-2006Long-sleeve button-up coat. Fitted, mid-thigh length.tanmedium1Yes
108-2006 108-2006Satin wrap shirt.tan81Yes
11-2006 11-2006Black capri length cotton unitard with chiffon bell-shaped sleeves, sinched at the elbow.Blacksmall, large2Yes
11-2007 11-2007RedCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
11-2010 11-2010Hot PinkIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
110-2006 110-20063/4 sleeve, button-up, collar-less shirt.Whitevarious2Yes
111-2006 111-2006Sleeveless, button-up shirt with sleeves.Whitelarge1Yes
112-2006 112-2006Long sleeve tunic with sinched waist.whitevarious2Yes
115-2006 115-2006Short sleeve, button-up shirts with button detail on back.whitevarious2Backwards looking shirtsYes
117-2006 117-2006red furry pantsRedmedium1Yes
118-2006 118-2006Red, chiffon, see-through pants. Wide leg with elastic waist.Redvarious4Yes
119-2006Wide leg, gauze, pants with elastic waist and layered gauze shirt WhiteVariousCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
12-2006 12-2006Black polyester full length jumpsuit. Sleeveless with colored neck with clasp at neck and open circle.BlackMedium2Yes
12-2007 12-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
12-2010 12-2010BlueIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
120-2006 120-2006Black drawstring pants. Tight on bottom.Blacklarge1Yes
121-2006 121-2006Purple patterend pants with ribbon detail. Accessary included.Purplevarious3Yes
122-2006 122-2006White pants with elastic waist.Whitevarious4CompanydanceYes
123-2006 123-2006Green, lavender, and pink water-colored looking pants. Thick elastic waist and tapered ankles.Multiple colorsmedium1Yes
124-2006 124-2006Black polyester silky pants with ealstic waist and sinched bottoms.Blackvarious2Yes
125-2006 125-2006Tye-dyed goucho capri length pants with elastic waist.Multiple colorsvarious4Yes
127-2006 127-2006Navy gaucho carpri pants .Navymedium1Yes
128-2006 128-2006Plack polyester pants.Black8, 8p2Yes
129-2006 129-2006Vaiours gauze cotton eath tone tonesvarious5Yes
13-2005 13-2005Fuzzy fabricBlack6Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
13-2006 13-2006Black pants with elastic suspenders. Come above waist, have hooks for attachment to top. One pair is cotton, and two are polyester.Blackmedium, large3Yes
13-2007 13-2007OrangeCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
130-2006 130-2006Jean cuffed capri pants.Blue83Yes
135-2006 135-2006Black cuffed cut-offs. Above the knee.Blackvarious8Yes
136-2006 136-2006Various patterend black, gray, and white pants with brightly colored pockets.Multiple colorsvarious7Yes
137-2006 137-2006Fake leather tapered pants.Black6/81Yes
138-2006 138-2006Black sweat pants with elastic waist.Blackvarious2Yes
139-2006 139-2006Chiffon Black goucho pants.BlackXXXL4Yes
14-2005 14-20051 green fades from dark to light. 1 black is lace and the other is sparkle floral.Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Black4Theatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
14-2006 14-2006Long sleeve, full body loose leotard with zipper up the back.BlackLarge4Yes
14-2007 14-2007GoldCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
14-2010 14-2010GreenIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
141-2006 141-2006Coucho capri pants.Brownmedium1Yes
142-2006 142-2006Polyester goucho pants with zipper on waist.Multiple colorsmedium2Yes
143-2006 143-2006Tan patterend cotton pants with elastic waist.tanMedium1Yes
145-2006 145-2006Tan menÕs pants.tan32X381Yes
146-2006 146-2006Polyester boot-cut suooer struoed tan pants.tan81Yes
147-2006 147-2006tan flared pants.tan61Yes
148-2006 148-2006Tapered menÕs pleated tan patns.tan36x241Yes
149-2006 149-2006Cotton fitted thick cotton capris.tan4, 22Yes
15-2005 15-2005V neckPurple1Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
15-2006 15-2006Knee-length unitard with attached chiffon puffy 3/4 sleves sinched at the elbow.Navy, teal, purple, bluesmall, medium, large8Bright Colored Chiffon and PlaidYes
15-2007 15-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
150-2006 150-2006Cotton tan full-length leggings.tans1Yes
151-2006 151-2006Straight leg, polyester tan pants.tan41Yes
152-2006 152-2006Satin lined chiffon wide-leg, tan8, 121Yes
153-2006 153-2006White textured pants with sinched bottoms.Whitevarious4Yes
154-2006 154-2006WHich shiny pants with attached skirt over top half. Elastic waist.Whitemedium1Yes
155-2006 155-2006Large leg goucho pants.Creamvarious7Yes
156-2006 156-2006White goucho pants with zipper waist.Whitevarious3Yes
158-2006 158-2006Black polyester jack with orange lining. Reversable.Blackvarious10Yes
159-2006 159-2006Velour cream pants with stur-up on bottom.Creamvarious8Yes
16-2005 16-2005Red ribbon around neck and sleeves.White1Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
16-2006 16-2006Cotton Plaid Skirts with chiffon overflays and accent overlay. Hook and zipper on one side.Navy, Purple, Tealsmall, large, medium2Bright Colored Chiffon and PlaidYes
16-2007 16-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
16-2010 16-2010Hot PinkIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
160-2006 160-2006Long sleeve, long pant jump suits. Cotton, loose with contrasting waist bands.Multiple colorsVarious16Yes
161-2006 161-2006ScrubsBluevarious12ScrubsYes
162-2006 162-2006Scrub tops. Sleeveless, short sleeve and 3/4 sleeves.Bluevaroius11ScrubsYes
163-2006 163-2006Tulle veils.WhiteN/A3Yes
164-2006 164-2006baseball caps.Multiple colorsN/A3Yes
165-2006 165-2006Loose Multicolored Jumpsuits, capri length pants and 3/4 sleeves. Buttons up the front, on sleeves and bottome of capris. Has two pockets on front with ties.Multiple colorsTheatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
165-2006 165-2006Loose Multicolored Jumpsuits, capri length pants and 3/4 sleeves. Buttons up the front, on sleeves and bottome of capris. Has two pockets on front with ties.Theatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
17-2005 17-2005Zebra striped, see-through, wrap around, and long sleeve.Black16Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
17-2006Various Earth Tone Pants in multiple fabrics and textures. Elastic tonesvarious8Earth TonesYes
17-2007 17-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
17-2010 17-2010RedIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
18-2005 18-20059 with straps connected, 4 non-connected straps.Multiple colors13Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
18-2007 18-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
18-2010 18-2010whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
19-2005 19-2005Long sleeve, pants, front zipper.Orange10Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
19-2006 19-2006Polyester silber pants with elastic waste band.SilverGeneral1PrinceYes
19-2007 19-2007greyCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
19-2010 19-2010whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
2-2005 2-2005Silk and shiny short dressBlue, purple, pink, greenCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
2-2006 2-2006White and blue swirls pattern, stretchy pants with fabric belt. Also available are 7 matching light blue long sleeve leotards.light blue8Light BlueCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
2-2007 2-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
2-2010 2-2010RedIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
20-2005 20-2005Black see-through, wide leg, elastic waist.Black7Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
20-2006 20-2006Goucho Pain with high elastic waist and extra sinched fabric above waistband.brownGeneral1Yes
20-2007 20-2007greyCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
20-2010 20-2010Multiple colorsCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
21-2005 21-2005High waist. Brown capris are green and brown patterned (see photo labeld ÒbackÓ picture.)Cream3Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
21-2005 21-2005Tie at waist on sides-open sides. Snaps on cuffs and legs to close.Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
21-2006 21-2006Various colored loose tank tops in cotton or polyester fabric. Purple, Pink, Orange, Red, Magenta.Multiple colorsVarious9Bright ColorsYes
21-2007 21-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
21-2010 21-2010RedCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
22-2005 22-2005Long black jazz pants with elastic waist. Shiny polyester.Black6Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
22-2006 22-2006Various Goucho pants or capris in cotton or polyester with elastic waists. In purple, pink, orange, red, magenta.Multiple colorsVarious5Bright ColorsYes
22-2007 22-2007YellowCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
22-2010 22-2010whiteMexicanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
23-2005 23-2005Black stretchy jazz pants with elastic waist. 3 with tapered bottoms.Black27Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
23-2006 23-2006Lavender silky pants with elastic waist and straight legged.lavendermedium1Lavender SetYes
23-2007 23-2007greyCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
23-2010 23-2010whiteMexicanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
24-2005 24-2005Pastel/Floral3Floral and PastelCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
24-2006 24-2006Lavender sliky top with gray strip. Include matching scarf or hair tie.lavendermedium1Lavender SetYes
24-2007 24-2007RedCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
24-2010 24-2010whiteMexicanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
25-2005Different shades of blue with floral fabric pieces. The two photos being displayed are actually two different tops in the collection (NOT front and back of one top).Blue7The BluesCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
25-2006 25-2006Vest that ties in front. Textured cotton fabric.lavender, mauve, PurpleSmall2Lavender SetYes
25-2007 25-2007greyCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
25-2010 25-2010whiteMexicanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
26-2005 26-2005 26B-2005T-shirt and skirt combo with braided cord. Folded fabric on sleeve and bottom edge of skirt. Colors include: maroon, blue, turquoise, purple.Multiple colors7Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
26-2006 26-2006Goucho Pants with drawstring. Textured cotton fabric.lavenderMedium2Lavender SetYes
26-2006 26-2006Goucho Pants with drawstring. Textured cotton fabric.mauveMedium2Lavender SetYes
26-2007 26-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
26-2010 26-2010whiteMexicanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
27-2005 27-2005Buttoned down t-shirt blouse with matching pants.Gold1Mustard Gold SetCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
27-2006 27-2006Varous Black Skirts with meltaic red and silver details.BlackVarious8Spanish SetsYes
27-2007 27-2007TealCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
27-2010 27-2010whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
28-2005 28-2005Bright colored.Blue1Theatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
28-2005 28-2005Bright colored.Orange1Theatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
28-2006 28-2006Silver Matellic PantsSilvermedium1Spanish SetsYes
28-2007 28-2007lavenderCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
28-2010 28-2010whiteMexicanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
29-2005 29-2005From th eÓBirdsÓ accessory collection. Sleeves with streamers (quant. 12), head bands with feathers (quant. 8), elastic belt with feathers (quant. 8).Multiple colorsBirds AccessoriesTheatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
29-2006 29-2006Black 3/4 sleeve leotards with decorative details on necklines.BlackVarious4Spanish SetsYes
29-2007 29-2007BlueCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
29-2010 29-2010BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
3-2005 3-20055 different necklines, 5 bright yellow and 5 dark yellowYellow10Janice-By and ByCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
3-2006 3-2006Long black jazz pants with elastic waist.Black13Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
3-2007 3-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
3-2010 3-2010GreenIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
30-2005 30-2005Pastel/Floral4Floral and PastelCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
30-2006 30-2006Mustard Yellow Patterned Dresses. Sleevelss, sinched waist with velcro belt. Goes just below knee.YellowVarious3Yes
30-2007 30-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
30-2010 30-2010BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
31-2005 31-2005Pastel/Floral4Floral and PastelCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
31-2006 31-2006Calf-length sleevelss dress. Zipper up the bck.PinkVarious1Yes
31-2006 31-2006Calf-length sleevelss dress. Zipper up the bck.CreamVarious1Yes
31-2006 31-2006Calf-length sleevelss dress. Zipper up the bck.tanVarious1Yes
31-2007 31-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
31-2010 31-2010RedCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
32-2005 32-2005Some are not finishedPastel/Floral7Floral and PastelCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
32-2006 32-2006Various patterend sundresses. Length, above knee.Multiple colorsVarious3Yes
32-2007 32-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
32-2010 32-2010BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
33-2005 33-2005Match nicely with the 7 blue tank tops with floral fabric attached.Blue7The BluesCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
33-2006 33-2006Short, sleeveless, jumper, style, cotton dresses.light bluevarious1Yes
33-2006 33-2006Short, sleeveless, jumper, style, cotton dresses.periwinklevarious1Yes
33-2006 33-2006Short, sleeveless, jumper, style, cotton dresses.bluevarious1Yes
33-2007 33-2007lavenderCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
33-2010 33-2010BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
34-2005 34-2005earth tones1Fabric ChunksCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
34-2006 34-2006Black sleevelsss dress. Black chiiffon with crushed velved details over skin-colored liner.Small1Yes
34-2007 34-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
34-2010 34-2010GreenpakistanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
35-2005 35-2005earth tones5Fabric ChunksCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
35-2006 35-2006Green sleeveless jumper sytle dress. Polyester fabric with zipper up the back.Greenmedium1Yes
35-2007 35-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
35-2010 35-2010greyCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
36-2005 36-2005Variety of stylesGreen5Fabric ChunksCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
36-2006 36-2006Sleeveless, one-shouldered, floor-length dress.Navymedium1Yes
36-2007 36-2007greyCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
36-2010 36-2010Hot PinkCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
37-2005 37-2005Quiana skirts with matching leotards (4 long sleeve and 1 tank top). The colors include dark blue, blue, grey, pink, black and green. NOTE: there are only 5 leotards but 9 skirts.Multiple colors9Theatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
37-2006 37-2006Spagetti-strap black ÒnightiesÓ. Several types, polyester and satin type fabrics and some have black lace details.Blackvarious8Yes
37-2007 37-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
37-2010 37-2010CreamRomanianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
38-2005 38-2005Has a matching blouseGold1Mustard Gold SetTheatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
38-2006 38-2006floral v-neck sundress. Zipper, chiffon over satin/polyester lining. Eggpplant and coral colored pattern.Multiple colorsmedium1Yes
38-2007 38-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
38-2010 38-2010whiteRomanianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
39-2005 39-2005T-shirt with bunching on shouldersHot Pink1Theatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
39-2006 39-2006Ankle-length skirt. Longer in back, sipper and clasp in back.Brownmedium1Yes
39-2007 39-2007tanCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
39-2010 39-2010whiteRomanianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
4-2005 4-2005Button down, long sleeve. Scrunchy and crinkly fabric.Red1Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
4-2006 4-2006SpandexHot Pink8Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
4-2007 4-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
4-2010 4-2010GreenIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
40-2005 40-2005Pink velvet skirt with built-in purple shortsPink1Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
40-2006 40-2006Cotton tank tops. Long, straight body with flair out at bottom.Greenvarious1Yes
40-2006 40-2006Cotton tank tops. Long, straight body with flair out at bottom.Tealvarious1Yes
40-2006 40-2006Cotton tank tops. Long, straight body with flair out at bottom.bluevarious1Yes
40-2007 40-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
40-2010 40-2010CreamMensArmenianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
41-2005 41-2005Multiple colors4Zebra Pattern SetCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
41-2006 41-2006Navy silky polester panst with elastic waist band.Navylarge1Navy SetYes
41-2007 41-2007greyCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
41-2010 41-2010CreamRomanianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
42-2005 42-2005Multiple colors2Zebra Pattern SetCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
42-2006 42-2006Loose, very short bra top/tank top.Navylarge1Navy SetYes
42-2007 42-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
42-2010 42-2010BrownCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
43-2005 43-2005Multiple colors2Zebra Pattern SetCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
43-2006 43-2006Lavender dress with gray silver detail. Sleeveless, below the knee.lavendermedium1Lavender SetYes
43-2007 43-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
43-2010 43-2010BrownCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
44-2005 44-2005Long-sleeve silk blouse with tie around neckOrange1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
44-2006 44-2006lavender dress. Silky chiffon fabric.lavendermedium3Lavender SetYes
44-2007 44-2007Multiple colorsCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
44-2010 44-2010RustCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
45-2005 45-2005Short-sleeve silk blouseGreen1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
45-2006 45-2006Cotton unitartds. Sleeveless with ÒshortsÓ bottoms.lavendervarious4Lavender SetYes
45-2007 45-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
45-2010 45-2010RustCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
46-2005 46-2005Short-sleeve silk blouse, cut off at bottomBlue1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
46-2006 46-2006Cotton, long sleeve, ankle length, mid-calf length dress.Purplevarious6Yes
46-2007 46-2007RedCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
46-2010 46-2010RustCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
47-2005 47-2005Long, red knit shortsRed1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
47-2006 47-2006Polyester, sleeveless, mid-calf length dresses.Pinkvarious1Yes
47-2006 47-2006Polyester, sleeveless, mid-calf length dresses.Purplevarious1Yes
47-2006 47-2006Polyester, sleeveless, mid-calf length dresses.Redvarious1Yes
47-2006 47-2006Polyester, sleeveless, mid-calf length dresses.Yellowvarious1Yes
47-2006 47-2006Polyester, sleeveless, mid-calf length dresses.Tealvarious1Yes
47-2007 47-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
47-2010 47-2010RustCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
48-2005 48-2005Long, teal knit shortsTeal1Light BlueCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
48-2006 48-2006Olive green dress with halter top straps. Gold trimand gold and white tulle lining. Gold scarf or hair band.Green81Yes
48-2007 48-2007BlueCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
48-2010 48-2010GoldCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
49-2005 49-2005Green1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
49-2006 49-2006Red satin dress with gold straps. Gold hair band included.Red81Yes
49-2007 49-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
49-2010 49-2010TealCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
5-2005 5-2005Long sleeve with 2 front pocketsHot Pink1Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
5-2006 5-2006grey7Work Out VarietyCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
5-2006 5-2006White2Work Out VarietyCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
5-2007 5-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
5-2010 5-2010RedIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
50-2005 50-2005Cushed velvet fabricBlue1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
50-2005 50-2005Cushed velvet fabricGreen1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
50-2006 50-20062 layer chiffon dresses/ ÒnightiesÓ. Spagetti ajustable straps.light bluevarious3Yes
50-2007 50-2007RedCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
50-2010 50-2010GreenCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
51-2005 51-2005Blue1Bright ColorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
51-2006 51-2006Pink spagetti strap dress with sinched waste. Wrap-dress style skirt.Pinksmall1Yes
51-2007 51-2007whiteThaiCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
51-2010 51-2010Multiple colorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
52-2006 52-2006White and blue patterend jumpsuit.Multiple colorsLarge1Yes
52-2007 52-2007redBulgariaCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
52-2010 52-2010Multiple colorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
53-2005 53-2005Short-sleeve silk blouse, cut off at bottomBlue1Bright ColorsYes
53-2006 53-2006White and blue striped button-up sleeveless dresses.Multiple colorsvarious2Yes
53-2007 53-2007whiteCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
53-2010 53-2010Multiple colorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
54-2006 54-2006Cotton, scoop neck, button-up dress.Blackmedium1Yes
54-2010 54-2010GoldCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
55-2006 55-2006Floral rayon skirt. Belown the knee length and elastic waist.Multiple colorsmedium1Yes
55-2007 55-2007yellowBulgariaCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
55-2010 55-2010Multiple colorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
56-2006 56-2006Jumper. Loose shorts, buttons, floral patterened.Multiple colorslarge1Yes
56-2007 56-2007whiteBulgariaCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
56-2010 56-2010Multiple colorsCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
57-2006 57-2006Black spagetti-strap cotton dress.blackvarious2Yes
57-2007 57-2007plaidFilipinoCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
57-2010 57-2010GoldMensCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
58-2006 58-2006Bright floral spagetti-strap silky dress.Multiple colorslarge1Yes
58-2010 58-2010BlackMensCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
59-2006 59-2006Polka-dot red collared dress. Button-up, calf-length.Red61Yes
59-2010 59-2010whiteCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
6-2005 6-2005Long sleeve, button down. Shiny metalic buttons.Black1Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
6-2006 6-2006Fabric strips.Brown10Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
6-2006 6-2006Fabric strips.Maroon5Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
6-2007 6-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
6-2010 6-2010RedIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
60-2006 60-2006Various earth tone floral and patterend tonesvarious9Yes
60-2010 60-2010whiteMensCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
61-2006 61-2006Satin navy takn top. Button-up and detail on front.Navylarge1Yes
61-2010 61-2010whiteCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
62-2006 62-2006Long coral ÒnightyÓ dress.Orangemedium1Yes
62-2010 62-2010BlackCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
63-2006 63-2006Polyester cream tunics. Thick tank-top strps. Flowy sack like garments.Creamvarious6Yes
63-2010 63-2010BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
64-2006 64-2006Cream cotton gauze tops of various styles.Creamvarious12Yes
64-2010 64-2010GreenCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
65-2006 65-2006Satin dark purple tank top. Gold detail at bust line. Open with tie in back and zipper down side.Purple101Yes
65-2010 65-2010BlackMensCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
66-2006 66-2006Bright orange satin wrap skirt. Gold waist and tie.Orangelarge1Yes
66-2010 66-2010 66B-2010Cockney costume. 1 tall and 1 shortBlackMens2EnglandCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
67-2006 67-2006Polyester mid-calf length skirts. Various colores, and waists closures.Multiple colorsVarious15Yes
67-2010 67-2010 67B-2010Cockney costume decorated with buttons.Blackvarious4EnglandCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
68-2006 68-2006Polyester ankle-length skirsts. Various colors and waist closings.Multiple colorsVarious38Yes
68-2010 68-2010 68B-2010multi-use white blouse with black skirt (varies) and purple cumberbund with light blue striped apronBlue6ItalianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
69-2006 69-2006Short above the knee skirts. Cotton with elastic waists.Multiple colorsvarious6Yes
69-2010 69-2010 69B-2010Northern Italian menÕs costume with knee britches and open vest worn with red neck scarf, knee high socks and peasant shirt with red embroidery.Blue2ItalianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
7-2005 7-2005Long sleeve button down. Elastic waist and cuffs. Buttons 1/2 way down.Black1Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
7-2006 7-2006grey9Work Out VarietyCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
7-2006 7-2006White2Work Out VarietyCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
7-2007 7-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
7-2010 7-2010Pastel/FloralIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
70-2006 70-2006Various above the knee polyester skirts. Various colors and waist closures.Multiple colorsvarious3Yes
70-2010 70-2010Off-white or white shirts with white pants and open red vest.white6CroatianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
71-2006 71-2006Satin wrap above the knee skirsts.Multiple colorsvarious3Yes
71-2010 71-2010 71B-2010Blouse, pleated skirt and apron worn with sash and red bead necklace. Original, part of Avaz Collection.Red11AvazCroatianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaNo
72-2006 72-2006Short, above the knee, cotton, fitted skirts. Zipper in back.Pinkvarious1Yes
72-2006 72-2006Short, above the knee, cotton, fitted skirts. Zipper in back.fushavarious1Yes
72-2010 72-2010Silky dress with floral ruffle and cap sleeve.Blue2Costa RicaLate 20th centuryCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
72-2010 72-2010Silky dress with floral ruffle and cap sleeve.pink2Costa RicaLate 20th centuryCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
73-2006 73-2006Chiffon wrap, above the knee skirts.Bluevarious1Yes
73-2006 73-2006Chiffon wrap, above the knee skirts.lime greenvarious1Yes
73-2006 73-2006Chiffon wrap, above the knee skirts.coralvarious1Yes
74-2006 74-2006Short black skirt. Elastic waist with sparkly details.blackmedium1Yes
75-2006 75-2006Dark grey cotton skirt. Short with pockets and a zipper doen the front.grey41Yes
76-2006 76-2006Sun flower patterned red shorts. Cotton, with elastic waist bands.Multiple colorsmedum1Yes
77-2006 77-2006Peach chiffon skirts. Ankle length with elastic waist.Peachvarious4Yes
78-2006 78-2006Thick cotton, calf-length skirts. Fold-over waist.light bluevarious1Yes
78-2006 78-2006Thick cotton, calf-length skirts. Fold-over waist.Bluevarious1Yes
78-2006 78-2006Thick cotton, calf-length skirts. Fold-over waist.Greenvarious1Yes
79-2006 79-2006Calf-length skirtBluevarious1Light BlueYes
8-2005 8-2005Long sleeve button down blouse. Flowy fabric neckline and cuffs.White1White BlouseCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
8-2006 8-2006Includes shelf bra and hooks to hold down back of top, strechy fabricgreysmall, meduim, large4Grey SetTheatre BuildingCompanydanceYes
8-2007 8-2007BlackCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
8-2010 8-2010YellowIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
80-2006 80-2006Short wrap skirt.Bluevarious1Blue Cotton SetYes
81-2006 81-2006Tapered capri pants.Bluevarious1Blue Cotton SetYes
82-2006 82-2006Open Capri pants.Bluevarious1Blue Cotton SetYes
83-2006 83-2006Large cotton goucho pants.Bluevarious1Blue Cotton SetYes
84-2006 84-2006Calf-length skirt.Multiple colors41Yes
85-2006 85-2006Bright calf-lenth skirt.Multiple colorsmedium1Yes
86-2006 86-2006Striped calf=length skirt.Multiple colorsmedium1Yes
87-2006 87-2006Bright floral patterend calf-lengthed skirt.Multiple colorsmedium1Yes
88-2006 88-2006Various patterend vests.Multiple colorsvarious14Yes
89-2006 89-2006Various styled pink velvet tops with black details. 3/4 sleeves, short sleeves, collared shirt and sleeveless varieties.Pinkvarious8Yes
9-2005 9-2005Long sleeve button down blouse Buttons on back. Front has floral pattern and horizontal lines.White1White BlouseCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
9-2007 9-2007Hot PinkCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
9-2010 9-2010Multiple colorsIndianCenter for Art and DanceVeselicaYes
90-2006 90-2006Various short sleeve hawaiian styled button-up shirts.Multiple colorsvarious12Yes
91-2006 91-2006Short-sleve purple button-up top.Purplesmall1Yes
92-2006 92-2006Satin collared sleeveless shirt.Bluemedium1Satin SetsYes
93-2006 93-2006Sleeveless silky top.Orangemedium1Satin SetsYes
94-2006 94-2006Long sleeve shirt.Redmedium1Satin SetsYes
95-2006 95-2006Lacy cream short sleeve top.Creammedum1Yes
96-2006 96-2006Lacy pink top with pink undershirt.pinksmall1Yes
97-2006 97-2006Lacy, see-through black long-sleeve top.Blacksmall1Yes
98-2006 98-2006Blakc 3/4 sleeve tie top.Blackmedium1Yes
99-2006 99-2006Sparkly grey long sleeve top.greysmall1Yes
1-2012Purple ombre tanks with front
split and mid-calf length pants
Purplevarious11Perfectly (Neurotic)Center for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
2-2012 red tank top
and pants and black waist band
and strips of black and red fabric
Red and BlackVarious9Jo-ha-kyūCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
1-2013Yellow and maroon dresses
with floral patterns knee to ankle length
Yellow and MaroonVariousPetites HistoriesCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
1-2014Brown and orange tank top and
pants with tan netting over arms
Brown and OrangeVarious11KaleidoscopeCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
1-2018Various styles of maroon outfitsMaroonVarious8 shirts
7 pants
1 dress
On the Other SideCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
1-2017Light blue stretch pants and
loose shirts with built in tanks
Light blueSmall medium large12After the FallCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
2-2014Green, blue, and purple gauze
tank tops and capri pants
Blue, Green, PurpleSmall, medium, large5-Green
Celebrating JenniferCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
3-2014Fitted off white tank dresses that
go past knees
White3Through My Mothers EyesCenter for Art and DanceCompanydanceYes
3-2018Men's exercise ClothingWhite, GreyJockularityCompanydance
2-2018Dresses, knee length with short sleeves and zipper in the backMaroon, Pink, Gold, Orange, Purple, CreamVariousDreamsCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)Companydance
4-2018Off white Long dresses with tie in frontWhite, Cream
5-2018Long Sleeve shirts with zipper in front and stretchy long pantsGray, NavyVariousShe SaidCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)Companydance
6-2018Unitards with white netting WhiteGridlockCompanydance
7-2018White shirts, dresses, pantsWhiteVariousFYDP 2018Center for Art and Dance (container)CompanydanceYes
8-2018Patterned black and white shear shirt with layer around neckBlack and WhiteVarious9ShardsCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)Companydance
9-2018Shirt and leggings with Strap design on the back of the shirtRed and SilverSmall- X-Large11BoilCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)Companydance
10-2018Nude Unitards, full leg length, tank NudeSmall-Large12Center for Art and Dance (container)CompanydanceYes
11-2018Black Unitards, Full length, Long SleevesBlackSmall- X-Large12Center for Art and Dance (container)CompanydanceYes
12-2018Full length pants with sipper on the side of the waistPink, NudeSizes 4-124-Pink 30-NudeCenter for Art and Dance (container)CompanydanceYes
13-2018Various Styles of shirts and pantsGold, Brown, Nude, TanVarious Sizes12 Shirts and 12 PantsPortraitCenter for Art and Dance (container)Companydance
14-2018Wide dress with textured material, 2, have buttons on the frontCream/WhiteMedium/ Large3 Without buttons, 2 with buttonsCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)CompanydanceYes
15-2018Vaious colored t-shirts with collar and buttons, pants with belt around waistPastel colors, pink, teal, navy, purpleVarious18-Shirts and 14-PantsNorthfield ExperienceCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)CompanydanceYes
16-2018Satin tank dress with thin straps that goes to mid thighOrange, Pink, GreenSmall-Medium3, one of each colorDreamsCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)CompanydanceYes
17-2018gold and blue dresses with multiple patterns, short sleevesBlue, GoldVarious4, 3 blue and 1 goldCenter for Art and Dance (hanging)CompanydanceYes
18-2018Dresses with short sleeves and waistTan, MulticolorSmall-Large3Center for Art and Dance (Hanging)
19-2018Tank Dresses in Bright colors with knee length skirtYellow, red, pink, purple, greenSizes 6-145Center for Art and Dance (hanging)CompanydanceYes
20-2019Various9Center for Art and Dance (container)CompanydanceYes
21-2019Various5Center for Art and Dance (container)CompanydanceYes
22-2019Various19Center for Art and Dance (container)CompanydanceYes