Student Employment in Dance

Dance Department Student Employment Opportunities:

Dance Technician 

Supervisor: Stephen Schroeder
Dance Technical Director

Job Description: To assist the Technical Director of  the Dance Department with the setup, running and  striking of Dance Department and Dance  Department sponsored performances as well as  maintenance of theatrical equipment and storage. 

Duties and Responsibilities: Hang and focus  lights, Run cable, Setup various audio and visual  equipment, Stage Manage, Assistant Stage Manage,  Operate ETC Ion light board, Setup and run audio  and video on Q-Lab, Operate Sound Board and Com  units, Operate Fly Rail, Organize props and sets,  Setup, clean, and strike Vinyl Dance Floor, Hang and  Focus lights, Maintain Theatrical Equipment and Dance Performance  Space, Observe safety at all times 

Qualifications: Must be comfortable with heights  or watching someone else operate at heights,  Must be willing to work with your hands, Must be  attentive to details, Must be able to communicate  clearly and follow directives, Must be okay with a  little dust. 

Production Assistant – Costumes
Supervisor: Anne von Bibra
Dance Faculty 

Job Description: To assist with costumes for Dance Department programs

Duties and Responsibilities: Assist in construction of costume elements for the Veselica dance productions, Maintain and launder costumes, Assist in maintaining costume stock, Assist in general costume room upkeep

Qualifications: Some knowledge of costume construction, Some knowledge of hand and machine sewing techniques, Ability to work independently

Dance Musician 
Supervisor: Joel Arpin
Lead Staff Musician 

Job Description: To provide musical accompaniment for dance classes. 

Duties and Responsibilities: Providing musical leadership to dance students,  Playing fluently in all keys and time signatures,  Keeping track of form and phrases for extended  lengths of time, Improvising alone and leading  improvisation within a group, Adapting the music  to the energy, tempo, dynamic and style of the  dancers, Creating new phrases for any dance  routine, Recalling previous phrases per request of  the instructor 

Qualifications: Musical proficiency, Improvisation  skill, Adaptability 

Dance Department Videographer
Supervisor: Stephen Schroeder
Dance Technical Director

Job Description: To record and document all Dance  performances, auditions, showings and other dance  events that need to be archived. 

Duties and Responsibilities: Operate digital  camcorder and tripod, Record performances, showings, auditions and other dance department events,  Responsible for the safe operation and safety of  equipment, Communicate with Technical Director  to ensure quality of recordings, Transfer recordings  to department’s digital data assistant for archiving 

Qualifications: Must be able to operate and understand video camera interface and troubleshoot if  necessary, Must be familiar with tripods, Must be  able to acceptably record dance events. Ability to  work with minimal supervision.

Costume Assistant
Supervisor: Anne von Bibra
Dance Faculty 

Job Description:  Work in the CAD Costume Room organizing and constructing costumes for dance productions. Sewing skills and the ability to work independently are essential.

Duties and Responsibilities: Sew costumes, Launder costumes, Organize and iron costumes, Perform miscellaneous dance department tasks for supervisor.

Skills: Prior experience in constructing garments, Know how to use a sewing machine, Know how to use a serger, Hand sewing including sewing on buttons and snaps, Know how to work with patterns (including laying them out on the fabric and cutting pieces out), Organizational skills

Digital Dance Assistant 
Supervisor: Anthony Roberts
Dance Faculty 

Job Description: The work of the digital dance  assistant (DDA) is important to the external visibility and internal operation of the Dance Department via digital media production and distribution. The DDA student workers organize, capture, process and distribute dance department media in accordance  with the program’s ongoing purposes and needs. 

Duties and Responsibilities: Digital media  production for archival, streaming, web  development, and in house distribution of the  Dance Department’s video and photograph  collection. Update relevant documentation required  for the implementation of projects. Participate in ongoing planning of projects. Consult with Dance  Department faculty/staff on media production projects. Perform miscellaneous dance department tasks for supervisor. 

Qualifications: Excellent attention to detail and  work ethic. Dependable, responsible, punctual.  Able to work independently with integrity. Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.  Demonstrated ability to effectively manage projects and comfortable with deadline dependent work.  Ability to manage confidential information.  Effective oral and written communication skills with  supervisors and peer workers. Experience with use of digital technologies: digital video editing, web development, and digital file management (Final  Cut Pro [or similar], Compressor, FileZilla, WordPress,  Google Spreadsheets) are extremely helpful, but  not required if applicant has a keen interest and ability in acquiring these skills.


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