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The DiSCO is staffed by the Research & Instructional Technology group within Library and Information Technology Services (LITS); a cross-disciplinary team of technologists and librarians with wide-ranging expertise in the areas of information, data, media, and digital literacies.

Every department has a dedicated Research and Instruction librarian and an Instructional Technologist who serve as liaisons for faculty (see below). Liaisons consult with faculty on projects involving research and/or technology and help to train students in related areas. 

For general questions, see help links to the right. For specific research and instructional support, see staff and liaison information below.

Library Research & Instruction

Instructional Technology

Sara Dale

Sara Dale (she, her, hers)

Instructional Technologist for Geospatial and Data Services

Rølvaag Memorial Library 477

Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8 - 5, with the occasional remote Friday. Email me directly to book an appointment or submit a DiSCO Resource Form via the IT Helpdesk.

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Library Special Collections/Archives

Librarian and Technologist Liaisons by Department

R&I Librarian Liaison
Technologist Liaison
Africa and the African Diaspora Rebecca Machado Ezra Plemons
American Conversations Rebecca Machado Ezra Plemons
Art & Art History Rebecca Machado Ezra Plemons
Asian Conversations Ann Schaenzer Sara Dale
Asian Studies Ann Schaenzer Kirk Martinson
Biology Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts (CILA) Ben Gottfried Ben Gottfried
Center for Integrative Studies Ken Johnson Ben Gottfried
Chemistry Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Classics Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Dance Karen Olson Ezra Plemons
Economics Ann Schaenzer Sara Dale
Education Ann Schaenzer Ben Gottfried
Enduring Questions Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Engineering Audrey Gunn Ezra Plemons
English Rebecca Machado Ezra Plemons
Environmental Conversations Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Environmental Studies Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Film and Media Studies Ben Gottfried Ben Gottfried
French Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Gender and Sexuality Studies Rebecca Machado Ben Gottfried
German Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
History Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Kinesiology Audrey Gunn Ezra Plemons
Latin American Studies Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Linguistic Studies Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Management Studies Ken Johnson Ezra Plemons
Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science Audrey Gunn Kirk Martinson
Media Studies Ben Gottfried Ben Gottfried
Middle Eastern Studies Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Music Karen Olson Sara Dale
Neuroscience Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Nordic Studies Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Norwegian Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Nursing Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Philosophy Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Physics Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Political Science Ann Schaenzer Sara Dale
Psychology Ann Schaenzer Sara Dale
Public Affairs Conversation Ann Schaenzer Sara Dale
Race and Ethnic Studies Rebecca Machado Ezra Plemons
Race Matters Rebecca Machado Ezra Plemons
Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Rebecca Machado Ezra Plemons
Religion Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Russian Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Science Conversation Audrey Gunn Sara Dale
Social Work and Family Studies Ann Schaenzer Sara Dale
Sociology/Anthropology Ann Schaenzer Sara Dale
Spanish Ken Johnson Kirk Martinson
Theater Karen Olson Ezra Plemons