Student Works of Authorship and Artistic Work Release Form

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This form grants faculty and/or staff at St. Olaf College the ability to present the student's creative work, either for in-class or line venues (as specified in the form).

  • Please provide a link to the item in Google Drive or where it's hosted online (Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc)
  • Indicate which staff or faculty oversaw the creation of this work, if applicable.
  • Waiver

    I, the undersigned student (or parent/guardian if the student is under 18 years of age) understand that St. Olaf College may use the submission I created while a student as part of the above class project, festival, competition, promotional or work-related activity.
    I understand that works may be shared for educational or promotional purposes on campus or at conferences as examples of student projects. They may also be posted or displayed publicly for these purposes.


    In order to share my work described above, I hereby grant St. Olaf College permission to: - Reproduce and distribute my work; - Modify the work to conform to the goals of the project or activity and to reformat it as necessary to preserve its perceptability and usefulness; - Publicly disclose the work including on St. Olaf College's social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YuJa or YouTube pages.
  • The above consent applies to:
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    I acknowledge that I have read this Agreement and give permission to use my work in the manner described above. I also agree that the permission I am providing here shall be in addition to, and shall not modify in any way, any other permission I have provided to St. Olaf in any other agreement(s).
  • Enter the email of a faculty or staff person who should receive notification of this release form (optional).