Recorded Presentation Release Form

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This form is for a person to grant their permission to appear in a recorded presentation, talk or workshop as specified below.

  • Permission to Record and Reproduce

    I hereby grant St. Olaf College a non-exclusive right to record, using any medium (including, but not limited to, lecture capture, videography, or photography), reproduce, publish, and otherwise make available, my image, including my name, likeness, voice or any combination thereof; and my presentation materials (Materials) and recordings of Materials; including distribution of those recordings and Materials by any tangible or digital media (e.g. print, DVD, memory card, external storage device), or over the internet.

    Retention of Copyright by Presenter

    I understand that this grant to St. Olaf College will not alter ownership rights of the Materials in accordance with U.S. Copyright Code, and that I will retain the right to use all or part of the Materials in future works, such as books and lectures. I represent that use of Materials is not in conflict with or in violation of any previously issued permissions or copyrights or is not otherwise illegal. St. Olaf College will not be held responsible and will not provide any form of legal or financial support if these Materials are in violation of any previously issued permissions or copyrights or used in an illegal manner.


    I acknowledge that I have read this Agreement and give permission to use my likeness, appearance, and/or voice in the manner described above. I also agree that the permission I am providing here shall be in addition to, and shall not modify in any way, any other permission I have provided to the St. Olaf in any other agreement(s).

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