DiSCO and the Library have lots of equipment to check out. Using your Ole Card, you are able to check out equipment from Rolvaag’s circulation desk located in the library’s atrium. If you would like in-person assistance, please reach out to the DiSCO assistance desk located in Library’s 4th Floor.

Browse our selection of equipment below (including links to the Library Catalyst records to view current availability) and see this useful recipes page for inspiration for what you can create.

A note on Reservations: At this time the Library and DiSCO are unable to hold or reserve any equipment in advance. We advise you begin looking for needed equipment up to two days before the day it is required.

Be a good citizen: The equipment is made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Check-outs are short, with the intent that a rolling circulation will ensure availability for all students who need to access the equipment. Please check out only what you need, when you need it, and return it to the Library promptly. Please maintain the equipment as you would your own – don’t expose it to weather, leave it lying around, or turn it in broken.

Cameras and Video equipment

Audio Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment

Genaray LED 3-Light Kit equipment

Genaray LED 3-Light Kit

NOTE – To checkout Light Kit – email

Presentation Gear

For Mobile Devices