Diversity Data Request

Diversity Data Request

St. Olaf is committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce. Federal law also requires the College to report certain data as part of the IPEDS (Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System), and the College has other reporting needs as well. In order to meet these obligations, we request the following information from newly hired employees to assist in accurately identifying the composition of our workforce.

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Legal Name(s)*
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Gender Identification*

Gender Identification for Reporting Purposes**
*St. Olaf recognizes that many individuals do not identify their gender in terms of a male/female binary. For purposes of its IPEDS and other reporting, the College is federally required to report employees as either “male” or “female.” If you opt not to respond to this request, the College will make an educated estimation of a gender identification for IPEDS and other reporting purposes.

Race/Ethnic Identification (as defined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
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2. In addition, select one or more of the following racial categories to describe yourself:*