Retirement Readiness

Plan | Pursue | Prosper

Utilize the resources below devoted to developing a plan, pursuing your dreams, and prospering in retirement. Information is available to all employees who are new to saving or early in their career, accumulating retirement wealth, nearing retirement, or already retired.


403(b) Retirement Plan Changes


Learn about the following changes to the 403(b) Retirement Plan

  1. Recap of plan changes from 9/1/17
  2. Fee realignment
  3. Investment menu option change
  4. Retirement Plan Portfolio Manager tool
  5. Loan changes

Information presented in partnership by The Office of Human Resources, TIAA, and Mercer Corporation

Emeriti Retirement Health Information

When planning for retirement it is vital to include a strategy for managing healthcare expenses. Learn how the Emeriti benefits offered through HealthPartners can serve as a compliment to Medicare and help you to avoid spending regular retirement savings on medical and pharmacy costs.

Retirement Readiness and Beyond Event Recordings

This session will define what is involved in a good estate plan and the potential consequences
of a poor one. It will also assist you in identifying the various legal documents covered in an
estate plan including Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, and more!

When it’s finally time to retire, do you know how to access your money? There are lots of
considerations, rules, and tax implications that make these decisions very important and
complex. This session will help to simplify retirement income options, review the basic rules
that govern the most common retirement accounts, provide perspective on when to tap into
different assets, and present the flexible income choices that TIAA offers.

This voluntary benefit may be right for you to protect your savings, independence, dignity,
personal choice, and freedom in retirement. The potential impact of costly extended care
expenses, which are not covered by Medicare or traditional health and disability insurances,
can place at risk many of the things you hold dear. Learn more about the various Long-Term
Care Insurance options and which ones may be right for you.

Take a virtual tour of the TIAA St. Olaf microsite and view a demo of the online tools to help
you create, maintain, and plan your financial future utilizing such resources as the Retirement
Advisor and Retirement Income Planner.

The transition to retirement can seem overwhelming at times. Evaluating where you are now
and planning your retirement story will be covered in this session. Additionally, TIAA will
provide guidance on final preparations for retirement and checklists to help you plan and
account for Social Security, taxes, healthcare, insurance, and estate planning.

Understanding the role of investing and managing investment risk is vital to determine
retirement savings levels, maximize potential asset growth, and sustain an investment
portfolio. This session will also help you determine your investing personality and identify
products, tools, and strategies to help you be a successful investor.