Departure Checklist

Departure Checklist

1. Departure Interview

Your experience working at St. Olaf matters to us. We are interested in hearing what went well, what could have gone better, and what suggestions or ideas you might have for us. Ricky Bonilla or Leslie Moore from Human Resources, or Marci Sortor, our Provost, will reach out to you to invite you to a meeting to discuss your time at the college.

2. Contact Information

Contact Information

Human Resources needs your personal contact information on record so that we can send you notices required by government regulations. Please email us with your personal email address and/or phone number.

Address Change

If your address will change before the end of the calendar year, please update it in Employee Self-Service prior to your departure.  You’ll want to make sure that your address is updated for W-2 season in January!

External & Internal Contacts

Notify any contacts that you will be leaving and who they should contact in your absence.


You and your supervisor can decide if you’d like to forward your phone to the department’s Administrative Assistant or your supervisor.

3. Pay and Vacation


Payroll will print out your last pay statement and mail it to you. If you have direct deposit, your check will still be deposited into the account.

Unused Vacation Time/PTO (Staff only)

Payroll will contact exempt employees and their supervisor to determine if any earned, unused vacation time is to be paid on the final paycheck. Non-exempt employees will be paid their PTO balance on their final paycheck.

Ole Dollars

You have three options regarding any remaining funds on your Ole Card. Please use this Google Form to select the option of your preference. If you do nothing, the funds will automatically be refunded. Visit this website to check your Ole Card balance.

Employee Self-Service

You will only have access to Employee Self-Service while you are an employee of St. Olaf. If you want copies of your previous pay statements or W-2s, please print out copies.

4. Benefits

  • The benefits you elected will end on the last day of the month in which you are leaving.
  • Please reach out to applicable benefit providers to update your email if you have previously specified your St. Olaf email address.
  • COBRA paperwork will be mailed from a third party company, called Chard Snyder (an Ascensus Health and Benefits Company), to the address we have on file following loss of coverage, for you to consider electing to continue your coverage (e.g. health, dental, life, vision, medical reimbursement, and Learn to Live mental health services). The sender will appear as “Benefit Continuation Department” and may look like junk mail.
  • Questions? Contact Chard Snyder at or 888-993-4646, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET.
2022-23 Rates Core Health Plan* High Deductible Health Plan* Dental Plan* Vision Plan*
Employee $    757.86 $    705.84 $   34.68 $   7.69
Employee +1 $ 1,628.94 $ 1,519.18 $   70.38 $   11.16
Family $ 2,500.02 $ 2,332.74 $ 135.66 $   20.00
VEBA Emeriti Retiree Health Account
  • Funds in your Emeriti Retiree Health Account (VEBA) are accessible after employment ends.
  • Questions? Contact Emeriti at 866-EMERITI.
ENrolling in medicare (AGE 65+)
  • If you will enroll in Medicare parts A & B and then in the HealthPartners Emeriti plan, call Emeriti for questions about your Medicare B supplemental plan coverage.
  • Questions? Contact Emeriti at 866-EMERITI.
Tuition benefit
  1. All rights to the tuition benefit for children shall end upon an employee’s resignation or termination from employment at St. Olaf, unless:
    1. In the event of an eligible employee’s death, the following provisions shall apply:
      1. If length of service is 3 – 10 years, currently enrolled children shall remain eligible for the tuition allowance.
      2. If length of service is 10+ years, children will be eligible for the tuition allowance regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in college at the time of the employee’s passing.
    2. In the event of an eligible employee’s retirement, the following provisions shall apply:
      1. An eligible retiree is a minimum of 55 years of age with at least five consecutive years of service at the College.
      2. If length of service is 5 – 10 years, currently enrolled children shall remain eligible for the tuition allowance.
      3. If length of service is 10+ years, children will be eligible for the tuition allowance regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in college at the time of the employee’s retirement.
HSA/FSA/Dependent Care Reimbursement Balances
  • If you have any money left in your Flexible Spending Account, you have 90 days to use it unless you elect continuation of coverage.
  • Questions? Contact Further at or 800-859-2144.  Our group number is 006883.
If your BENEFITS questions were not answered

Contact Travis Grant, Associate Director of Benefits and Compensation at 507-786-3689 or

5. Return these items to the College


All keys must be returned to Human Resources who will work with the Locksmith to ensure all keys are returned.

IT Equipment

Return any St. Olaf property to your supervisor.  (e.g. laptop, cell phone, iPad, mouse, chargers, etc.)

Credit Card

Give your credit card and department charge card to your supervisor and reconcile your credit card statement.

Parking Permit

All parking permits must be returned to the drop box outside the Business Office in Tomson Hall.

Ole Card

Retiring employees may keep their Ole Card if they intend to make purchases on campus or use the athletic facilities.  All other departing employees must turn in their Ole Card to Human Resources on or before their last day.

6. Information Technology


This is the only time we suggest you share your passwords! Give your supervisor a list of usernames and passwords for accounts/log in sites you use.

Email Access

Your account will be deactivated as outlined below. Please take the time to forward any personal emails or documents from your Google Drive to your personal account.

Other options to consider:

  1. Delegated Access: Grant your supervisor access to your email inbox after your departure to allow them to manage work matters.
  2. Auto-Forward: Speak to your supervisor, who will confirm which recipient or department should receive your forwarded emails.
  3. Auto-Reply: Speak with your supervisor, who will let you know which people or department should be included as future contacts in your auto-reply.

Request options 1, 2, or 3 by sending an email to with the details.

Departing Faculty:

Unless you have been granted Emeriti status by the Board of Regents, your St. Olaf email account will be deactivated according to the following schedule.

Appointment Ending
any other date
Email Deactivated at 4:59 p.m.
two weeks after termination date

Departing Staff:

Your access to your email account will be deactivated at 4:59 p.m. on your last day.

Retiree Email Alias

If you would like to be added to the email alias, please email with your personal email address. Retirees will be kept informed of St. Olaf happenings and are invited to celebrations, chapel, and events on campus.

Google Drive: Transferring Ownership of Files

All Google docs that you are the owner of will disappear and are almost impossible to retrieve afterward your email account is deactivated! If these are important to the College, please add a new owner to the document. To transfer ownership of your Google drive to another St. Olaf user, please follow the steps at

NOTE: Google Apps for Education will only allow you to reassign ownership of docs to other users in our domain. If you need to move files to a personal account, you will need to do a Google Migration

Google Groups (formerly email aliases/mailing lists)

If you are the owner of any email aliases on campus, please transfer ownership to your supervisor via  If you are the only owner and no one else is assigned, the group will be deleted when your email is deactivated.

Google Migration

You have several options including transferring your content, downloading your data, moving emails only, or a hybrid approach. Read more and use the step-by-step instructions here.


If you have anything on your personal H-Drive that is work related, please save it to the department’s S-Drive or G-Drive. Forward any personal items from the H-drive to your personal email.

WordPress Sites

Make sure that your successor, co-worker, or other person who will be managing the site after you leave, is set up as an Administrator. Contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.

7. Library, Tostrud, and Theater Tickets


You can still use the Library as a community member. Visit the Library with your drivers license or Ole Card and ask for a library card at the Circulation Desk. Reference the Library website for more information at

Tostrud Athletic Facilities

As of June 28, 2021, employees were able to resume using Tostrud facilities. Lockers are open for day use only, which means there wouldn’t be items to clean out of a locker before your departure.


Check your locker and remove any belongings.


You have the option to retain access to utilize the Recreation facilities on campus. The annual waiver is still required. If you are leaving the area and/or don’t want to utilize the facilities, then return yours and/or your family member(s) Recreation ID (and/or Tostrud wristband) to Judy Tegtmeyer and check your locker and remove any belongings.

Theater Tickets

Retirees are eligible to continue to receive two free tickets to performances. Call 507-786-3240 to sign up.