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Policies and procedures within the Staff Handbook include:

Behavior and Conduct: St. Olaf has built and maintained its reputation for integrity and honesty by holding its community members accountable for their behavior and conduct. Employees contribute to this reputation by conducting themselves as professionals in the workplace.

Benefits: St. Olaf offers a comprehensive benefits program to support the health and well-being of its employees. This information contained in the handbook is provided as a brief overview and is not intended to serve as a Summary Plan Description (SPD). Any discrepancies will be governed by the official plan documents. The benefits offered may change at any time, with or without notice.

Compensation and Pay: St. Olaf strives to maintain a total compensation package of pay and benefits that provides equitable pay across the College and accommodates the hiring and retention of qualified staff. The College is committed to complying with all wage and hour laws and regulations with respect to exempt and non-exempt employees. All St. Olaf policies, including the policies in this handbook, will be interpreted and administered consistent with the requirements of applicable wage and hour laws and regulations. In the event of any ambiguity or any inconsistency between this handbook and applicable law, applicable law controls.

Employment Lifecycle: It is the goal of the College to hire a qualified, diverse, and devoted workforce who will contribute to the mission of the College. St. Olaf also strives to partner with staff from preboarding and onboarding, throughout their full career on the Hill, as well as their departure. The College is committed to supporting employees throughout their entire employment lifecycle journey.

Technology and Equipment: Technology is made available to further the needs of the community in support of the mission of the College. Use of St. Olaf computers, networks, equipment and technology resources is a privilege that is granted only to those who demonstrate responsibility in their care and usage.

Time Away From Work: The college recognizes that time away from work is a key component to ensure employees achieve a successful work/life balance. This time may include holidays, personal time off, a leave of absence, meeting required obligations, volunteering in the community, etc. St. Olaf aims to support these endeavors as they are in the best interest of staff and the College.

Workplace: St. Olaf has a number of policies and procedures established to provide a safe, inclusive, and welcoming campus. To that end, it is the responsibility of every employee to adhere to, and hold each other accountable for, these policies and procedures for the betterment of those that live, work, and visit the Hill.

Work Schedules: Various work schedules exist at St. Olaf and staff are expected to be aware of them as they relate to their work. It is important to know that during academic year breaks, the availability of campus services may be limited.
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