Question Design Topics

Question phrasing
Are any of your questions leading questions? Have you avoided the use of technical language, or abbreviations? Are any of your questions double-barreled?

Question formatting
Should you use an open- or close-ended question? Should your response scale include a neutral category? Does your multiple choice question include all possible options? Are your answer options mutually exclusive?

Question validity
Often rephrased as “truthfulness,” validity attempts to confirm that your questions measure what they purport to measure. Validity is a crucial component in being able to defend the results of a questionnaire.

Question reliability
Concerned with the consistency or dependability of a question or questionnaire, reliability is used to determine the extent to which a respondent’s response to the same question or questionnaire varies from one moment to the next.

Questionnaire length
The length of a questionnaire can have a large impact on both the response and completion rates. Important to consider is the intersection of several factors, including the question types chosen, the number of questions utilized, and the sample to which the questionnaire is being sent.