Statements of Intended Learning Outcomes

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs) describe the knowledge, proficiencies, practices, and commitments that students should develop as a consequence of their St. Olaf experience. The statements below represent our shared aspirations for our students, and serve as a springboard for our efforts to assess and improve the education we offer.

STOGoals: College-wide outcomes
St. Olaf faculty, staff, and students collaborated to develop a statement of intended outcomes describing what students learn from their entire St. Olaf experience, whatever the particular major, GE courses, or co-curricular activities they choose to pursue.

Outcomes for General Education
The St. Olaf faculty has specified outcomes for each of the requirements comprising the college’s General Education program.

Outcomes for majors, concentrations, and other academic programs
Each academic department and program, as well as a number of centers and offices providing supplementary academic programs and services, has developed a statement of intended learning outcomes for each major, concentration, conversation, or other academic program it offers.

Developing effective statements of intended learning outcomes

Using intended learning outcomes to strengthen student learning

Submit revised program-level intended learning outcomes
To submit revisions to your current major, concentration, or other academic program ILOs, please fill out and submit the Qualtrics form linked above.