Course Evaluations

Course evaluations at St. Olaf College are administered by individual course instructors for the purpose of improving course content and instructional practice.  All faculty members are strongly encouraged to gather course evaluation data on a regular basis to promote their continued development as teachers and mentors. 

Course evaluation policies and procedures
Information concerning course evaluation purposes, content, and administration, including information about the relationship between course evaluations and faculty performance reviews

Course evaluation forms
Links to printable copies of the St. Olaf Course Evaluation Form, the Gold Form, and several department-specific forms

Developing questions and assuring students of confidentiality
Guidelines for developing valid and reliable questions, and sample information for students explaining the purposes and confidential nature of course evaluations

Administering course evaluations on paper
Guidelines for administering in-class evaluations using paper forms

Administering course evaluations using Form Creator
Guidelines for administering any-time course evaluations using electronic forms