Grant Project Evaluation

When government agencies and private foundations solicit grant proposals, they have a legitimate interest in knowing whether their money accomplishes the purposes of the projects they fund. Principal investigators and project participants share this interest; a thoughtful evaluation plan lays a strong foundation for the investigator to disseminate project activities and results to others through conference presentations and publications, and also strengthens the likelihood of future funding.

In order to support members of the college community who are seeking funding from external sources, we have compiled information detailing how to develop an effective evaluation plan for your grant proposal. While this is not a comprehensive discussion of evaluation, it is a tool to help you conceptualize how you will evaluate your project’s goals and objectives.

There are several purposes to developing your grant evaluation plan. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Detailing the goals of the project
  • Providing information to help make planning decisions about the project
  • Developing evaluation criteria to evaluate progress toward project goals
  • Refining project procedures while developing the project
  • Determining the extent to which the project goals were mets
  • Developing criteria for program improvement
  • Working to develop policy
  • Supporting future requests for funding
  • Increasing the likelihood of dissemination

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment provides you with resources to assist you in developing your grant evaluation plan