Sample e-mail: student committee recruitment

Sample e-mail for initiator of a tenure and/or promotion review, to send to recruit students to serve on the review committee

Dear [name]
Next year, [faculty member] will be up for [tenure and] promotion] to [associate/full] professor. For each [tenure and] promotion review, there is a committee of students who review and summarize the evaluations of the candidate’s teaching that are completed by current students and alumni. I am writing to ask if you would be willing to [be the chair of OR serve on] the student committee for [faculty member]’s review.

You would work with two other students and staff in the office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment. The responsibilities of the student committee are to write a question to add to the review of teaching and to read and summarize the responses to the review of teaching. The first task happens this semester and the second in the fall, typically in early October, to conclude before fall break.

The committee meets once in the spring, ideally some time in April, for an hour and then again in the fall to complete the summary document. I would estimate that the total time commitment is around 5 hours, some of which would be time just reading the responses to the reviews of teaching.


The document linked below provides a more detailed description of the duties. Please take a look and let me know what other questions you have.

Best wishes,