Questions Frequently Asked by Transfer Students

1. Which of my credits will transfer to St. Olaf?
The registrar will conduct a formal audit of your official transcript and will evaluate each course on an individual basis. In general, course work that is liberal arts in nature for which you have received at least a C grade will be transferable. A final audit will be conducted upon receipt of a final and official transcript from your current college or university, as well official scores of AP and IB exams. You will receive this well in advance of registering for course work at St. Olaf College. Transfer students will register for classes during the introduction week in September, ahead of the incoming first-year students. Please see the transfer credit page on the Registrar’s website for more details on transferring credits.

NOTE: No matter how many courses or credits the registrar approves, all transfer students must complete at least two full academic years of course work at St. Olaf College.

2. Do I need to provide standardized test scores?
Yes. We accept ACT and/or SAT scores. Under exceptional circumstances we may waive the test score requirement. Please contact the transfer counselor to discuss this.

3. Are merit scholarship available for transfer students?
Yes. St. Olaf offers competitive merit scholarships for transfer students that recognize achievement and potential for academic success.  Transfer scholarships between $5,000 and $15,000 per year are awarded to student based on our review of information in the transfer application.  Transfer students may also apply for Art, Dance, Music, and Theater scholarships.  The deadline to complete your ArtDance, Music, or Theater Scholarship application is December 15.  Please contact the department directly for more information.

4. I am interested in being a music major or enrolling in the Bachelor of Music degree program. Does this affect my transfer application?
Yes. All music applications — including transfers — must be submitted by the December 15th deadline. The Admissions Office makes the admission decision for all applicants to the college, including those applying to the Bachelor of Music degree program, so you should follow the application procedures for all transfer applicants. The deadline to apply for music scholarships is December 15, for the following fall term. Before you start the application process, you are strongly encouraged to discuss your plans with the music admissions coordinator, Molly Boes-Ganza. You can contact her at 507-786-3297 or

5. I am interested in the nursing program. Does this affect my transfer application?
The Admissions Office makes the admission decision for all applicants to the college, including those interested in the nursing program. The nursing program conducts its internal admission process for the nursing major in the fall of a student’s sophomore year. Transfer students should start both applications simultaneously and work closely with both the transfer counselor and the nursing program. Current college sophomores should start the application process by contacting the nursing program no later than October of their sophomore year, and submit the Common Application to the Admissions Office at the same time.

If you have further questions about the transfer application process, please write to