Science Conversation

Science Con

Science Conversation — or “Sci Con” as it is known on campus — encourages a philosophically and theologically informed appreciation for the development of science, the relationship between reason and faith, questions of meaning and purpose, and the complex interplay of science and society.

The Science Conversation brings together students and faculty with a broad range of academic interests for a critical exploration of science within its historical, cultural, and social contexts. It is designed to illuminate the distinctive character of science and its relevance to the challenges facing our world.

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Why the Science Conversation?

The rise of modern science, and its tremendous success describing the cosmos as matter and mechanism, issued a significant challenge to traditional systems of value, meaning, and belief.

Notions about God, creation, and human agency have remained centrally important in human life, but their relationship to scientific knowledge is uncertain or even problematic.

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One result has been an undesirable fragmentation of world views that is increasingly risky and counter-productive as the challenges facing humanity become ever more technical in character and global in reach. Today, many students of the liberal arts seek to integrate their knowledge, experience, and beliefs within a coherent worldview that does not shy away from questions of ultimate meaning.

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Interdisciplinary Questions

As the students of today develop into the citizens, scientists, and policy makers of tomorrow, they will face a wide array of contested issues and dramatic challenges, including the mitigation of climate change, management of population growth, development of sustainable energy, and the progress of genetic science and engineering.

Exploring big ideas, such as the origins of life, the significance of knowledge, and the nature of free will, requires an interdisciplinary approach.

The Science Conversation is designed to inspire students intellectually and prepare them to constructively engage with these important issues.