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Whether you’re an Ole, parent of a current, former, or graduated student, friend of the college, or just stumbled upon us, we welcome you on St. Olaf Alumni & Family Travel.

Click on the interactive map, scroll down to see all our destinations, or use the menu to the right to view by time of year. We also invite you to take a look at a variety of resources (like travel insurance, a bunch of travel tips, and a Bucket List feature for you to see how St. Olaf can help you experience the world). Peruse Look Who’s Coming to see if any one you know is already on board.

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With its scenic beauty, epic history, and dazzling artistic and culinary diversity, Europe is ready for you to explore.

Theater in London

Sept. 7–16, 2018

Attend performances both classic and contemporary in venues such as the Globe, Royal Court, Old Vic, and the National Theatre.

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France: Wine, Cuisine, and History

Sept. 24–Oct. 5, 2018

Join us to explore Bordeaux, the Dordogne, forested hills, chateaux-studded countrysides, and beautiful medieval towns and villages.

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Prague, Vienna, and Budapest

Mar. 22–Apr. 2, 2019

Enjoy performances at opera houses, concert halls, palaces, street music, gypsy dances, and ethnic music venues.

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Croatia, Active Adventure

Apr. 24–May 4, 2019

We invite you to hike and bike your way through Croatia, a stunningly beautiful country, packed with history.

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May 13–25, 2019

Combine hiking in spectacular locations with a wealth of fascinating history and archaeology.

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June 5–15, 2019

Experience the beauty and culture of Norway and enjoy performances by the St. Olaf Choir and St. Olaf Orchestra.

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Paris and Monaco

Jun. 9–23, 2019

Travel back in time to rediscover the Paris at the time of the Ballets Russes, a city vibrating with creative energy and social upheaval.

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Baltic States

Jul. 15–30, 2019

Our time in each Baltic country will focus on a major city and explore culture, history, geopolitics, economy, education, and architecture.

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Oct. 27–Nov. 4, 2019

Explore ancient cities and alluring architecture as we set sail across the Ionian Sea.

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Apr. 21–28, 2020

From the Irish people’s sparkling wit and inviting pub culture to the island’s incredible emerald landscapes, this small country packs a punch!

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Northern Spain

June 2020

Some walks along the Camino, designed for different ability levels, will be included. Please check back in early 2019 for more information!

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Sept. 1–14, 2020

We’ll traverse Germany as we search out the distinctive aspects of its history and culture and take in the once-every-10-years Passion Play.

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North America

North America

In addition to Canada, Mexico, and the United States, this region also includes Central America through Panama and contains an incredible variety of landscapes and people.

New York

Mar. 23–30, 2019

Join us for an insider’s look in the center of the art world.

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Aug. 17–24, 2019

Explore Southeast Alaska on a Lindblad-National Geographic expedition for an unrivaled experience with all Alaska has to offer.

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A vast continent with many bustling cities and tremendous biological, geographical, and human diversity.


Jan. 11–28, 2020

Morocco is a beautiful country with an amazing landscape and diverse population. Experience this geographic diversity and the wonderful people that live there.

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Feb. 2020

Full information will be posted the week of August 27. Please check back!

Pacific / Oceania

Pacific / Oceania

Unlike the continents, this region has a unique character because it’s bound by the ocean rather than land.


Jan. 5–15, 2018

We invite you to enjoy the beauty, culture, and history of the Hawaiian Islands!

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New Zealand

Dec. 27–Jan. 13, 2019

New Zealand is a densely packed land of vast beauty, with diverse geographic regions.

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The largest and most populous continent, Asia is well known for its bustling diverse metropolitan megacities as well as its sparse regions.

Thailand and Laos

Feb. 6–22, 2019

Visit markets, museums, cultural shows, and enjoy a wide variety of fabulous foods.

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Borobudur and Bali

May 27–Jun. 8, 2019

We’ll explore breathtaking landscapes and historic temples, stopping to delve into the fascinating day-to-day culture of this less-travelled area of Asia.

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Jan. 2020

Seek out the nuances of modern India and experience firsthand this diverse nation’s unique history and contemporary culture. Info coming in late August!

South America

South America

A continent rich with cultural legacies and beautiful landscapes, South America is sure to impress.

Chile, Easter Island, and Argentina

Aug. 5–19, 2018

This custom-designed itinerary highlights the breathtaking landscapes and fascinating culture and history of Chile and Argentina.

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Sept. 14–21, 2019

Join us on a week-long culinary journey, with hands-on instruction from local restaurant chefs.

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