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St. Olaf Alumni & Family Travel is ready to help you explore the world in community, as so many Oles and honorary Oles have before us.  We invite you to join us! You don’t have to be a graduate or family member to participate — we are open to the public and always have been. So come along, and nurture your whole self through active learning adventures, along with like-minded travelers. You can learn more about St. Olaf Travel and start planning your new journey today using all the links below.

Let’s Go

The pandemic taught us so many things and one is to seize the day. And study travel has always been open to the public, so grab your friends, neighbors, book club members, dog walker, or whoever is important to you (or is fun!), and join us on an educational adventure. We’ve got so many journeys ready for you and many more in the planning stages. Use the links to the right to get a sense of study travel.

How much do you know about Belize? Check it out

Spotlight on: Antarctica

Antarctica is remote, independent, captivating. People often visit for the wildlife but fall in love with the ice: an entire museum of colossal and magical ice forms defying description. And we’ll have our very own ice experts along: Bob Jacobel, Professor Emeritus of Physics, a researcher so acclaimed he has a glacier named for him based on the recommendation of the United States Geological Survey, and his daughter Allison Jacobel, a paleoclimatologist and Assistant Professor of Earth and Climate Sciences at Middlebury College.

Play the video to the left for a fabulous virtual journey around Antarctica.

And see the trip details using this link
Why St. Olaf?

St. Olaf Travel helps alumni, families, and friends of the College explore other cultures, histories, cuisines, and more. One of our goals is that in encountering other viewpoints, we will deepen our understanding of our own perspectives. Play the video to learn more.

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Traveler Testimonials

“Overall, a fantastic trip. Great mix of people, sights, meals and music.”

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“You just cannot top this leadership … The professors … get you to places you’d never know to go to yourself.”

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“The diversity of the people on the trips is just great. There are a lot of St. Olaf ties, but not necessarily… we all have a good time.”

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