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Whether you’re an Ole, parent of a current, former, or graduated student, friend of the college, or just stumbled upon us, we welcome you on St. Olaf Alumni & Family Travel.

St. Olaf Travel is for people who want to be knowledgeable citizens of the world, who seek to learn and experience other cultures in order to be more understanding and compassionate.

Alumni & Family Travel is learning for the joy of it in fascinating places around the world. The majority of our programs are faculty-led, with custom-designed itineraries, and often offer access to local experts not available to individual travelers or commercial tour groups. Programs are consistently rated a good value by participants, with no hidden costs.

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St. Olaf Travel helps alumni, parents, and friends of the College explore other cultures, histories, cuisines, and more. The goal is that in encountering other perspectives, we will deepen our understanding of our own viewpoints. Play the video to learn more.

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Traveler Testimonials

“Overall, a fantastic trip. Great mix of people, sights, meals and music.”

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“You just cannot top this leadership … The professors … get you to places you’d never know to go to yourself.”

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“The diversity of the people on the trips is just great. There are a lot of St. Olaf ties, but not necessarily… we all have a good time.”

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Most of us have a travel bucket list. Let St. Olaf help you make some progress with it, from sailing the Mississippi on a river boat, to making a grand tour of Italy as the young people of the 18th century did after graduating, to hiking and kayaking in Patagonia, and much, much more.

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far-flung thrillers

A good book makes a great companion for international travel. From CrimeReads: these eight stories of far-flung adventure are perfect companions for plane…or café. Enjoy one between sips of local wine. Bookmark one with a receipt in handwritten Cyrillic. Or skip the bookmark and finish one overnight…by lamplight in crisp hotel sheets, secure in the knowledge that only more rest and recreation awaits you at the dawn.

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carbon offsets

Concerned about how air travel affects climate change? We’ve curated a few resources to jump-start your research into offsetting your travel carbon footprint.

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