Faculty and Staff


Mark Allister
Professor of English

Mark merges his scholarly interests in music, politics, Men’s Studies, environment, and popular culture. Frequently, Mark teaches the Culture of Nature, Environmental Literature and topics classes in Environmental Humanities.


Diane Angell
Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Diane has professional interests in environmental education, ecosystem restoration, conservation, and mammalian populations. Her teaching spans ecology and conservation biology.


Seth Binder
Assistant Professor of Economics & Environmental Studies

Seth's professional interests link the economics of sustainable development to valuation and management of ecosystem services, especially in Central and South America. He teaches courses in Policy and Regulation as well as Sustainable Development.


Jake Erickson
Instructor in Religion

B.A., St. Olaf College; M.Div., Yale Divinity; Ph.D. Candidate, Drew University

Shelby Flint

Shelby Flint
Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Monday 10:30 - 11:30 am Wednesday 1:00 - 2:00 pm Friday 1:00 - 2:00 pm


Dan Hofrenning
Professor of Political Science, Assoc. Dean - Social Sciences

Dan has deep interests in the development of public policy through the political process at Federal, State and Local levesl in the USA. He is particularly curious about the role of religion and interests groups in framing debate and policy.


Paul Jackson
Associate Professor of Chemistry & Environmental Studies

An environmental scientist, Paul enjoys engaging fellow citizens in topics and actions related to surface water quality, green chemistry and sustainable living.


Robert Jacobel
Professor Emeritus

Recently retired from teaching in both the Physics and Environmental Studies Departments, Bob continues to involve undergraduates in his research program seeking to address questions about the response of ice masses to climate change.


Rebecca Judge
Chair, Environmental Studies, Professor of Economics, and Associate Dean for the Social Sciences

Professor Judge is an environmental economist interested in property rights, environmental policy, and agricultural subsidies. She teaches environmental economics, environmental policy, intermediate microeconomic theory, and principles of economics.


Kris MacPherson
Professor of Asian Studies and Reference Librarian

Ten weeks as an AFS student on a rice farm in Japan led MacPherson to lasting interests in environmental education and Asian studies. She has volunteered at the Asian Rural Institute and “WWOOFed” on an organic farm.


Donna McMillan
Associate Professor of Psychology

Donna’s work focuses on the study of the person and the psychological significance of the natural world. She seeks a rich understanding of human beings as we really are, from the best of times to the worst of times.


Thomas Rodengen
Instructor in Environmental Studies

Tommy Rodengen looks forward to obtaining his doctorate from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, CA in 2016. His focus is on lakes and their role in climate change and oceanographic modeling. He teaches EnStu 245 Global Climate Change.


Matt Rohn
Associate Professor of Art History and American Studies

A short conversation with Professor Rohn leads one quickly to understand this person is active in local culture and place. He exudes a passion for cultural expression and understanding through viewing and experiencing works of art.


John Schade
Associate Professor of Biology & Environmental Studies

John exudes a love for ecosystems, water and biogeochemical cycles as well as for potential links between environmental problem-solving through collaborative work across disciplinary boundaries.


Kathy Shea
Professor of Biology

Kathy serves at the Curator of Natural Lands at the college, and has substantial interest in plant evolutionary ecology, conservation biology and on-farm research in agroecology.


Mike Swift
Assistant Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Mike loves all sorts of aquatic critters, especially invertebrates such as mussels and midges. He is active in the Freshwater Society and is always ready with a story about aquatic systems or life from somewhere around the world.


Charles Umbanhowar, Jr.
Professor of Biology

Charles has a love of big sky country. Being immersed in the tall grass prairie or scouring the earth for a unique plant holds much intrigue. He is especially interested in the paleoecological record near areas of vegetative transitions.

Deb Clark
Academic Administrative Assistant

Deb keeps the plates in the air.