Topics Courses (ENVST 281 and 381)

The department offers a variety of courses each year whose titles and descriptions can be found in the college catalog.  In addition faculty develop courses with thematic topics that focus on different areas of emphasis and others that integrate across the areas of emphasis.  The following course list reflects topics offerings in the current academic year and those offered in prior years.  Courses counting for specific areas of emphasis or other requirements in the major and concentration are listed in parenthesis ( ).  A leading number denotes an EnvSt course {2XX or 3XX} and other topics or thematic courses carry the program identifier before the course number {i.e., ART 396, FILM 230}.

Interim 2022
ENGL 276: Literature of the Environment
(Arts & Humanities)
PHIL 257: Environmental Ethics
(Arts & Humanities)
REL 124: A Green Bible? (Arts & Humanities)
BI/ES 286: Tropical Ecology (Social Science)
BI/ES 226: Conservation Biology (Natural Science)
BI/ES 228: Environmental Health (Natural Science)
STAT 212: Statistics for Science (Natural Science-Methodology)
STAT 212: Statistics for Science (Social Science-Methodology)

Spring 2022
ENGL 286: Visual Rhetoric & the Environment (Arts & Humanities)
ENVST 281B: Biophilia (Arts & Humanities)
ENVST 283: Arctic Literaure (Arts & Humanities)
ENVST 381: Ethics of Climate Change (Arts & Humanities)
PHIL 275: Environmental Ethics (Arts & Humanities)
NORW 205: Nordic Nature (Arts & Humanities)
REL 127: The Bible and Ecological Desire (Arts & Humanities)
ECON 242: Environmental Economics (Social Science)
ENVST 281A: Transnationalism Green Building (Social Science)
ES/PS 276: Environmental Politics (Social Science)
SOAN 247: Disasters (Social Science)
ES/SOAN: 281C: Environmental Disasters (Social Science)
BIO 261: Ecological Principles (Natural Science)
BIO 292: Macrosystems Ecology & Data Science (Natural Science)
CHEM 248: Organic Chemistry (Natural Science)
CHEM 255: Analytical Chemistry (Natural Science)
CHEM 391: Environmental Chemstry (Natural Science)
ENVST 245: Global Climate Change (Natural Science)
PSCI 220A&B: Analyzing Politics (Social Science-Methodology)
PSYCH 230 A&B&C: Research Methods (Social Science-Methodology)
STAT 110 A&B: Principles of Statistics (Social Science-Methodology)
STAT 212 A&B&C: Statistics for Science (Social Science-Methodology)
STAT 272 A&B: Statistical Modeling (Social Science-Methodology)
ECON 260A&B: Intro Economics (Social Science-Methodology)
SOAN 373 A&B: Ethnographic Resarch Methods (Social Science-Methodology)
STAT 212 A&B&C: Statistics for Science (Natural Science-Methodology)
STAT 272 A&B: Statistical Modeling (Natural Science-Methodology)

Spring 2020
281 Community Natural Resource Management
(Social Sciences) – Megan Butler
381 Theo-Ethics of Climate Change
 (Arts and Humanities) – Kiara Jorgenson
396 DUR Freshwater Responses to Environmental Factors (Natural Science) – Meredith Holgerson

Fall 2018
Phys 396B DUR Climate Proxies in Coral Skeletons (Natural Science)  – Anne Gothmann

Spring 2019
281 Biophilia (Arts and Humanities) – Kiara Jorgenson
381B Race, Environment & Art (Arts and Humanities) – Matt Rohn
381A Conservation Science & Management (Natural Science) – Meredith Holgerson
Phys 396B DUR Climate and the Albedo of Ice and Snow   (Natural Science)  – Alden Adolph

Fall 2017
281 Integration and Applications in Environmental Studies (Experiential Component) – Paul Jackson
381 The Nature of Art (Arts and Humanities) – Matt Rohn

January 2018
281 Nature, Culture, and Nation: Environmental Film and Literature in the United States and Germany (Arts and Humanities) – Seth Peabody
Art 261 O’Keeffe’s Art and New Mexico (Arts and Humanities) – Matt Rohn

Spring 2018
281A Environmental Impact of Fences (Natural Science) – Charles Umbanhowar
281B Integration & Application in EnvSt (Experiential Component) – Ben Kopec
381 Oceanography (Natural Science) – Anne Gothmann
Art 396 DUR Creating an Ecocritical Exhibit (Arts and Humanities) – Matt Rohn

Fall 2016
381 Paleoecology and Ecosystem Change
(Natural Science) – Charles Umbanhowar

January 2017
381 Wendell Berry: Literature as Environmental Rhetoric (Arts and Humanities) – Mark Allister

Spring 2017
281A Biophilia (Arts and Humanities) – Kiara Jorgenson
281B Integration and Applications in Environmental Studies (Experiential Component) – Paul Jackson

Summer 2017
Film 230 Media and the Environment – Iceland (Arts and Humanities) – Linda Mokdad

January 2016
281 Environmental Film Documentary (Arts and Humanities) – Cecilia Cornejo

Spring 2016
281 The Culture of Elephants (Arts and Humanities) – Jake Erickson

Fall 2014
381 Contested Spaces (Arts and Humanities) – Mark Allister

January 2015
281 History of Energy in the US and the World (Arts and Humanities) — Thomas Jundt

Spring 2015
281 Sustainable Development (Social Science) – Seth Binder
381 Hydrology (Natural Science) – Kyle Whittinghill

Fall 2013
381 Green Building and Remodel (Natural Science) – Paul Jackson

January 2014
381 Ecological Modeling (Natural Science) – Kyle Whittinghill
381 Ecocriticism and American Nature Poetry (Arts and Humanities) – Mark Allister

Spring 2014
281 Agroecology and StOGROW (Natural Science) – Kathleen Shea
281 Varieties of Ecological Experience (Arts/Humanities) – James P. Brown

Fall 2012
381 Gardens’ Healing Power (Arts/Humanities) – Matt Rohn

January 2013
281 Winter Ecology (Natural Science) – Charles Umbanhower
281 What is Nature Worth? (Social Science) – Bonnie Keeler