News and Alumni from Environmental Studies

Many of our majors and concentrators go on to make contributions to issues of local, regional, national and international environmental significance. We highlight some contributions folks have made in this posting.

02 May 2014
Fulbright Award Winner!
Sonja Smerud ’14 received a Fulbright to Germany.  Congratulations.

01 Mar 2014
AGU Biogeosciences 2013 Outstanding Student Paper Award Winner
Kateri Salk ’12 received the Biogeosciences AGU 2013 award for an outstanding student paper.  She presented work on seasonal hypoxia and mixing events linked to atmospheric fluxes and isotope biogeochemistry of N2O and CH4 in Muskegon Lake.   Click the link above to see Kateri’s presentation and additional details.

12 Feb 2011
Wildlife Habitat Journey – Embarking on a 4,500 mile adventure
On February 3, 2011 John Davis dropped his paddle in the water and moved his kayak forward, embarking on a 10 month adventure. He will be kayaking, hiking, cycling and skiing through the wilds of the eastern United States until he emerges in Quebec, well north of Montreal and directly above New Brunswick, Canada, at the Gaspe Peninsula. The 4,500-mile expedition’s aim is to raise awareness of the need for a north to south eastern “wildway,” a connected habitat that would allow safe passage for native wildlife needing room to roam. John hopes “…people will view this journey from afar and feel better connected with the lands and wildlife they love. I hope they will feel inspired to help save and restore these places and species, and will learn ways they can do so.”

The journey is being sponsored by the Wildlands Network organization, and is being referred to as TrekEast. There will be frequent updates about Davis’ journey on Twitter, Facebook and the Wildlands Network’s website via his blog.

John studied environmental ethics at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, co-edited “Wild Earth” magazine, served as biodiversity and wilderness program officer for the Foundation for Deep Ecology and, until recently, wildlife conservation director for the Adirondack Council. For a nice article summarizing the expedition, see Blast Magazine.

07 December 2009
Pheasants Forever Names New Director of Conservation Programs for MN
Joseph M. Pavelko (’04 ES Major) was named the organization’s new Director of Conservation Programs for Minnesota. Pavelko joins “The Habitat Organization” from the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. and Friends of the Minnesota Valley where he served as Conservation Projects Manager since 2005. Click here to see the press release from Pheasants Forever. A comprehensive story can be found at AmmoLand.