International and Off-Campus Programs

Programs operated by St. Olaf College

Semester Options
Environmental Science in Australia & New Zealand
Program Director: Dr. Paul Jackson, Chemistry & Environmental Studies

Interim Options
BIES 286  Tropical Ecology and Sustainable Land Use (Costa Rica)
Campus Coordinators: Dr. Kathy Shea, Biology & Environmental Studies and Dr. Seth Binder, Economics & Environmental Studies
January 2017 Blog

ASES 277  Environmental Sustainability in Asia (Japan)
Campus Coordinator: Dr. Kathy Tegtmeyer Pak, Asian Studies & Political Science
January 2015 Blog    January 2016 Blog   January 2018 Blog

ASES 396  Environmental Research in Asia (Japan)
Campus Coordinator: Dr. Paul Jackson, Chemistry & Environmental Studies

Other interim and semester opportunities:

Biology in South India (fall semester)
Art 261 – O’Keefe’s Art and New Mexico
Bio 253 – Water in Morocco
Bio 281 – Winter Ecology
Bio 282 – Desert Biology – Bio 282
Bio 287 – Island Biology in the Bahamas
Bio 288 – Equatorial Biology
Pysch 227 – Environmental Psychology in the Rocky Mountains


Programs offered by Organizations in which St. Olaf participates

Semester Options
Associated Colleges of the Midwest: Costa Rica: Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences, & Humanities
Campus Coordinator: Dr. Kathy Shea, Biology & Environmental Studies

Associated Colleges of the Midwest: Tanzania: Ecology & Human Origins
Campus Coordinator: Dr. Abdulai Iddrisu, History

HECUA:  Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Justice
Campus Coordinator: Dr. Nancy Thompson, Art & Art History

HECUA: Community Internships in Latin America
Campus Coordinator: Dr. Christopher Chiappari, Sociology & Anthropology

Please check with the ES Chair about obtaining St. Olaf credit for all off-campus programs.