Senior Seminar
This site provides links to multimedia research projects and electronic portfolios prepared by students in senior capstone seminars in current and previous years.

Library Guides at St. Olaf
GIS & Geographic Information Science
Environmental Studies

Natural Areas at St. Olaf
This web site features our habitat restoration projects and sustainable agriculture. It was prepared by students Justin Watkins, Sarah Bergerson, Jake Hamlin and Amar Venkatapurum as a project for Environmental Studies Senior Seminar (ES 399).

Time Lapse and Google Earth Engine
These sites allow one to explore changes occuring across the surface of the earth using satellite imagery and GIS processing strategies. It is a product of Time Magazine and Google.

Environmental Presentations & Atlases
Frontiers in the Environment (U Minnesota)
Environmental Justice Atlas (EJOLT – EU)

Live Cameras/Video Feeds
MN DNR Eagle Cam
MN DNR Falcon Cam
Xcel Energy Bird Cameras 

Wind & Weather Maps
Current prevailing wind maps of the United States (surface) and around the Earth at different altitudes, from the surface level  to 10hPa.
Established by climate scientists for answering questions about current topics in the science literature and debunking the false information.

Skeptical Science
Another site for quality climate information and critiques of common denier “facts.” They have a free smartphone app for quick dinner conversation rebuttals of frequently used climate myths.

Worldwatch Institute
One of the top three environmental think tanks in the world and publisher of the State of the World and Vital Signs series.

World Resources Institute
a global research organization that works closely with leaders to turn big ideas into action to sustain a healthy environment