Building on current available equipment in Media Studies and IIT, students will soon be able to checkout the following new equipment from Media and Film Studies faculty:

  • Lowel DV Creator 44 Kit, LB-35 case lighting kit
  • Zoom H4n 4-Track Recorder
  • Fluid head tripod
  • Canon 60 D DSLR camera equipped with Canon 85mm Lens, Canon Normal EF 50mm Autofocus Lens, and a Canon Wide Angle EF 28mm lens.
  • Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot

Currently, microphones and boom poles may be checked out via IIT.

In 2011 students will also be able to use one of two editing suites in the new Film and Media Studies editing lab, located in the Den in the basement of Rolvaag.

lumix canon