Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IR&E) serves as a comprehensive source of information about St. Olaf College. Our mission is to provide data, reports, and research that support institutional planning, strengthen teaching and learning, and promote understanding of the nature and quality of education at St. Olaf College. Our vision is to be a national leader in institutional research and the assessment of student learning in higher education. We work with faculty, staff, administrators, and students throughout the college, and we collaborate with colleagues at other colleges and professional associations.

Institutional Research activities

  • Providing college data to external agencies
  • Providing college and comparison data to academic and administrative leaders,
    faculty and staff committees, and the Board of Regents
  • Guiding college data procedures

Educational Research and Assessment activities

  • Leading the college‚Äôs programs in assessing student learning
  • Assisting with course evaluations
  • Guiding student evaluations of teaching for faculty reviews
  • Supporting academic program reviews and grant project evaluation