Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office Staff

IR&E is located in Tomson Hall 253, accessible through the entrance to Tomson 250 (a suite that includes the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost and Dean of the College). You can contact the entire office staff via email at ir-e-office. The primary office contact is the IR&E Administrator, Ross Jungers (jungers(507)786-3061).

Susan Canon
Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Email: canon
Phone: (507) 786-3647
Susan responds to external and internal requests for college data, manages the administration of many institutional surveys, provides institutional and benchmarking data, and develops policies and practices to ensure institutional data integrity.

Gary Muir
Acting Director, Evaluation and Assessment
Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Program

Email: muir
Phone: (507) 786-3910
Gary works with the Assessment Subcommittee, departments and programs, and the academic leadership of the college to gather, interpret, and act on evidence of student learning. He oversees student reviews of teaching for tenure, promotion, and other faculty reviews, and provides guidance in course evaluations, grant project evaluations, and program review.

Laura Maki
Associate Director, Educational Research & Assessment
Email: maki2
Phone: (507) 786-3390
Laura provides quantitative and qualitative research and data analysis to support projects in institutional research, assessment of student learning, and program and project analysis. She provides advice to other St. Olaf faculty and staff concerning questionnaire design, sampling, data reporting and interpretation, and other aspects of research design.

Ross Jungers
IR&E Administrator
Email: jungers
Phone: (507) 786-3061
Ross provides administrative support for all office assignments and projects. He supervises the IR&E student research assistants and responds to requests for information about office policies, procedures, projects, and services.