Family Studies Courses

Take: 3 REQUIRED courses:

Family Studies 232: Introduction to Family Studies
Family Studies 242: Family Relationships
Family Studies 391: Senior Seminar

Plus: 2 ELECTIVE courses (at least one from outside Dept of SW & FS):

  • FS 125: Racism & Sexism on American Family Life
  • FS 130: Families in Film and Literature
  • FS 253: Human Sexuality
  • Econ 116: Families, Consumers, Communities
  • History 270: American Family in Historical Perspectives
  • Nurs 130: Family Violence
  • Psych 241: Developmental Psychology
  • Psych 350: Development in Diverse Families
  • Poli Sci 270: Family Values
  • Soc/Anth 248: Sociology of Dying, Death and Bereavement
  • Soc/Anth 260: Marriage and the Family
  • SW 221: Social Work and Social Welfare
  • SW 258: Social Policy

And: 1 CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE with families
This requirement is an academic, credit-bearing experience for seniors. It must be overseen by a St. Olaf faculty member and approved by the Department Chair of Social Work and Family Studies prior to enrollment in the experience.

Department of Social Work and Family Studies    Holland Hall 213

Devyani Chandran HH213D x3130
Mary Carlsen HH213C x3136
Susan Smalling HH213B x3350

*only available to students beginning with the class of 2012