Planning Guide

The Social Work Planning Guide (PDF version) is a tool for those interested in pursuing a Social Work major. It outlines the order that coursework typically takes; each semester building on the previous one. It also helps social work majors’ plan for an opportunity to study aboard.

Fall Interim Spring
1st yr
(R) PSYCH 125 (=), *Principles of Psychology, (HBS, IST)
(R) SOAN 121 (=), *Intro to Sociology, (HBS, MCS)
(E) SW 120 *, I Want to Help People (WRI)
(E) SW 122 *, Global Challenges (ORC)
(R) PSYCH 241 (=) *Dev Psychology (HBS)
2nd yr
(R) Biology 123 (+), *Human Biology, (NSC, NSL)
(R) SW 221 (=), *Social Work and Social Welfare, (WRI, GHS)
[This semester available for off-campus with appropriate planning]
3rd yr
(R) SW 246 (+) Human Behavior in the Social Environment
(R) SW 254 (+), *Inclusive Practice: Ind/Fam, (ORC)
(R) SW 258 (#), *Social Policy
(R) SW 261 (#), Inclusive Practice: Grp/Org/Comm
(R) SW 274 (#), Research Methods in Social Work
3rd yr spring  option
(E) Social Work in a Latin American context – Cuernavaca Mexico, (meets social work major requirements; see advisor for info)
4th yr
(R) SW 373 (+), Just Practice (Sept Only)(PAR)
(R) SW 380 (+), Field Practicum (3 credits) (WRI), [Full-time Oct – Dec + weekly seminar]
(R) SW 381 (#), Social Worker as Professional

R Required for the Social Work Major
E Elective; not required for the major
* Course meets at least one General Education requirement
= Course is offered in both semesters
+ Course is offered only in the Fall semester
# Course is offered only in the Spring semester

rvsd 10.18.22 MSC

 Professional Licensure Disclosure

The social work program is designed to meet educational requirements for professional licensure/certification. Education is one of many requirements needed for licensure/certification. Additional requirements may include (but are not limited to): post-graduation examinations or experience, application and licensing fees, criminal background checks, reference checks, and/or fingerprint submissions. It is a student’s responsibility to regularly check with the state/territory where you intend to seek licensure to confirm all licensing/certification requirements. Licensure/certification requirements can vary by state/territory, as each state/territory sets their own standards (see program webpage for specific state/territory lists).