Family Studies Courses

Core Courses (3):

Family Studies 232: Introduction to Family Studies
Family Studies 242: Family Relationships
Family Studies 391: Senior Seminar

ELECTIVE courses (choose two; at least one from outside Department of SW & FS):

  • English 203 Asian American Literature
  • Family Studies 253: Human Sexuality
  • History 272: Women in America
  • Psych 223: Exploring India: Human Development in Cross-Cultural Context (abroad)
  • Psych 241: Developmental Psychology
  • Psych 350:┬áParenting and Child Development in Diverse Families
  • Race 121: Introduction to Race and Ethnic Studies (literature)
  • Race 250: Topic Race, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Soc/Anth 248: Sociology of Dying, Death and Bereavement
  • Soc/Anth 260: Marriage and the Family
  • Spanish 250: Gateway to the Spanish-Speaking World
  • SW 221: Social Work and Social Welfare

Capstone Experience with families

This requirement is an academic, credit-bearing experience for seniors. It must be overseen by a St. Olaf faculty member and approved by the Department Chair of Social Work and Family Studies prior to enrollment in the experience.

Department of Social Work and Family Studies