Field Practicum

Welcome to our new section designed with Practicum Students and their Fieldwork Agencies in mind.

Here we have compiled the information and forms that you will most often need to reference. We have attempted to put them in catagories that are specific to what each of you maybe looking for i.e. Evaluations includes the forms that both Fieldwork Instructors and Practicum students will need to fill out whereas Student has information that the Practicum student might need to access. Here we go.

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Field Practicum Responsibilities



St. Olaf College Social Work Program

Sept. 5 (Thurs) Classes begin for students

For the month of September senior social work students take SW373 Culturally Competent Practice on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Fri. Students may attend orientations in the agency and are encouraged to complete background checks and other necessary papers prior to this date.

Sept. 10 (Tue) First day for practicum agency orientation – 8:00 am -3:00 pm

Sept. 10 (Tue) Field Supervisors Support and Information Meeting
3:00-5:00 pm, St. Olaf College, Buntrock Commons location to be determined

Also Sept 17, & 24 (8 hours each day)
Note: Students have classes several hours each day Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Fri. They will go to the agencies on Tuesdays only.

Sept. 30 (Mon) Full-time Field Practicum Begins

Full-time means 40 hours per week of quality, generalist social work activities, primarily focused on and involving contact with clients—individuals, families, groups, organizations and the community; if the agency considers 37 ½ hours “full time” the student is responsible for scheduling appropriate activities to “make up” the remaining 2 ½ hours per week.
Total hours required: 400 hours minimum

Seminars: Mondays 6:30-9:30 pm starting Sept. 30, 2013

Oct. 14-15 (Mon & Tues)* St. Olaf Fall Break

Note: Students with placements in MN schools will take the break when the schools break for The Education Minnesota Professional Conference (formerly MEA).

Nov. 21-23 (Wed-Fri)* St. Olaf Thanksgiving Break

*Note: While the program acknowledges the importance of academic breaks, students short on hours or needing continuity in their service at their field placements (i.e. needing to keep up with responsibilities) should plan to work on Fall break and/or Wednesday, Nov 21.

Dec. 12 (Thurs) Last day of scheduled classes

Students are required to fulfill responsibilities at the agency through this date and should have completed the minimum 400 clock hours by this date. However, students may continue interning in the agency beyond this date (even through 12-19) to complete the total number of hours or for programmatic reasons, such as completing the school year or some other similar responsibility.

Dec. 12 (Thurs)  Field Supervisor Recognition Celebration – 4:00-5:30 pm
Place to be determined.

Field Supervisors are invited to a “thank-you” meeting with the students on campus. Supervisors and students are invited to enjoy dinner together in the cafeteria following this meeting.