Nina Palit ’93

Palatine, IL

I went for my 20th reunion at St. Olaf and I was mostly looking forward to a weekend with my friends. But I was really floored and just thought, “This place is fantastic.” When my 25th came around, I said I would love to help. Now I see why I went there. I was struck by how much I had in common with my classmates. It’s shared values and what I learned at St. Olaf; it doesn’t have to do with race or religion or anything else. St. Olaf really aligns with who I am as a person — who I was then and who I am now. I am so impressed with the Taylor Center for Equity and Inclusion, and it is such a welcoming and thriving environment. It’s so diverse at St. Olaf now!

I would really love to increase access for the whole spectrum of multicultural students, whether it’s access to St. Olaf, or access to activities, or retention, or access to jobs after St. Olaf. I have good connections to jobs in Chicago, and I would love to connect people here. I took a nontraditional route to technology, and I want to show students that you don’t have to be good at technology to be in technology. There are skills students gain at St. Olaf that translate to work skills, such as critical thinking, writing, speaking. St. Olaf didn’t help me get my first job, but it helped me be successful in my field.