The St. Olaf Alumni Board

Dating back to 1892, the Alumni Board is a diverse group of alumni who volunteer their time, talents, and energy to provide leadership within the alumni community on behalf of the programs and mission of the college.

Arriving from various locations throughout the nation, they meet twice a year, on campus, in an effort to better understand the college and its needs. As an advisory board, they offer suggestions and perspectives gleaned from the larger alumni community, and work with Office of Alumni and Parent Relations on various components of the alumni program.

Sixteen alumni and parents are chosen for single four-year terms and a fourth of the Board is elected annually.

The 2019 Alumni Board in the Fall Meeting: (front row, from left) Eldri Wittkamper ’69, Mitchell Rennie ’14, Nina Palit ’93, Will Lutterman ’15, Brenda McCormick ’89, Aldra Allison ’77, (second row, from left) Mariah DuBose ’16, Bill Lindberg ’70, Eric Johnson ’78, Sonja Clark ’03, (back row, from left) Lee Sather ’66, Janine Braman P’17, ’20, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Brad Hoff ’89

St. Olaf Alumni Board Members

Bilal Alkatout ’07 (2019-2023)
Minneapolis, MN

Aldra Allison ’77 (2018-2022)
Altadena, CA

Janine Braman P’17, ’20 (2017-2019)
Saint Paul, MN

Sonja Clark ’03 (2015-2019)
Oakland, CA

Eirik Davey-Gislason ’94 (2017-2021)
Jackson Heights, NY

Mariah DuBose ’16 (2017-2021)
Chicago, IL

Eric Johnson ’78 (2019-2021)
Bainbridge Island, WA

Bill Lindberg ’70 (2018-2022)
Edina, MN

Will Lutterman ’15 (2019-2023)
Evanston, IL

Brenda McCormick ’89 (2019-2023)
Edina, MN

Nina Palit ’93 (2019-2023)
Palatine, IL

Mitchell Rennie ’14 (2019-2023)
Fort Collins, CO

Lee Sather ’66 (2017-2021)
Stillwater, MN

Eldri Wittkamper ’69 (2019-2023)
Anoka, MN