Mariah DuBose ’16

Mariah DuBoseChicago, IL

Impact and Inspiration: While on campus, I had the opportunity to study abroad during interim and for a semester on Global. I believe studying abroad opens your mind to all of the endless possibilities life has to offer, and it awakens all of your senses. It challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone and take in the many attributes of the world that make it so great. I think every student should have the opportunity to study abroad because I believe it is the most enriching type of hands-on learning

Alumni Board Ambitions: I would like to make a difference on the board by actively engaging alumni through alumni events and sharing work-shadowing opportunities for current students. I also hope to make a difference by reaching out to those who feel far removed from st. Olaf in order to find ways to connect them with the St. Olaf community and help them see the value of staying engaged.