Will Lutterman ’15

Evanston, IL

When I was asked to be on the Alumni Board, the first thing that came to mind was to pay it forward. I had so many alumni and faculty in my life who took the extra step to help me with what I wanted to do. The call to service is a Lutheran tradition, and it’s something I enjoy doing. I enjoy giving back to the community. I want to give an extra lift to others.

Being a graduate student in higher education, I’m really interested in concepts and ideas about equity and access. These are big issues in higher education. I also want to engage all different segments of our alumni and really help bring people together who have traditionally not been engaged by the St. Olaf alumni community. I want to work with other members of the board to think strategically about how we can bring value to all kinds of different alumni. It’s about thinking outside the box about how to engage folks. It can be in-person events or virtual events — there are so many different avenues. We should think about new and novel ways to elicit feedback from different members of the alumni community about how we can create and foster the alumni community we want.