Equity and Inclusion Resources

Inclusive Teaching Resources

“The UDL Guidelines” CAST.org

“Universal Design for Learning” Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Oakland University

How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive, by Viji Sathy and Kelly A. Hogan for the Chronicle of Higher Education

How to Hold a Better Class Discussion, by Jay Howard for the Chronicle of Higher Education

Inclusive Teaching Resources The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence. Penn State U
The Accessible Syllabus.  Tulane Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching

“Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator” Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning, Wheaton College 

Language Action for Course Syllabi Adhoc Faculty Group, St Olaf College

Responding to Difficult Moments Center for Research on Learning and Teaching , U Michigan

CILA is dedicated to supporting St. Olaf in its efforts to make campus more equitable and inclusive. In collaboration with the To Include is To Excel grant, CILA offers programming on inclusive practices regarding the classroom, pedagogy, and the curriculum.  

Below and to the right are St. Olaf resources to learn more about equity and inclusion.