Counseling Center Information

The Counseling Center was established by St. Olaf College to enhance the personal growth and development of its students.  The Center supports students in their academic pursuits and facilitates personal and interpersonal learning and growth.  The programs it provides are preventive as well as remedial.


The St. Olaf Counseling Center policy on confidentiality follows the ethical guidelines of the Minnesota Board of Psychology.  Information is released to no one outside the Counseling Center staff without written permission from the student.  In rare circumstances, a counselor might be legally required to break confidence.

Eligibility for Services

Counseling Center services are provided without cost to all St. Olaf students.


A variety of services and programs are provided within the Counseling Center; others are held in residence halls or in classrooms.

Individual Counseling

Any personal concern is appropriate to bring to the Counseling Center.  Student concerns typically involve issues related to relationships, identity, family, depression, victimization, anxiety/panic attacks, academics, grief and loss, socialization/isolation, food/body image or chemical use/abuse.

Group Counseling

In the past these groups have focused on topics such as family issues, food and body image concerns, coping with grief and loss, victimization issues, enhancing relationships, men’s issues, women’s issues, and personal growth.

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk sessions will now be offered by using a recurring Zoom link.  No need to call or email the Counseling Center to schedule a Let’s Talk session.  Please see our home page for more details

Let’s Talk is not offered during breaks or in summer months, however the summer counselor may accommodate a request if needed.  Please access TimelyCare  during breaks and holidays

Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional counseling is available, to students who have concerns about their eating/body image.  Students must be referred to the dietitian by a staff therapist, and please be aware appointments with the nutritionist can take 3-4 weeks to schedule.


The focus of these presentations may involve topics such as stress management, depression, adjustment issues, eating and body image issues, healthy relationships, anxiety, and how to help a troubled friend.


Operating within the guidelines of the Center’s policy on confidentiality, counselors are available for consultations with students, faculty, administrative personnel, resident hall staff, and parents.


The counselors will refer students to other campus services, or off-campus professionals and agencies, for services not available at the Counseling Center.