This is the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association website. It is very informative and comprehensive. Good Q & A sections – especially around medication issues. There are a lot of educational accommodations and observations, much of it for younger children, but check out the ADD “coaching” section and the “work and career” section. Not an interactive site.
CHADD stands for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder. It is probably the most comprehensive central clearing house of information related to ADHD, and that’s a lot of information. CHADD’s homepage states, “There are nearly as many names for the disorder as there are opinions about its diagnosis and treatment.” CHADD will help you sort it all out.
This site has a plethora of information regarding ADD and ADHD. Topics range from Adult ADD: Diagnosis, Accommodation and Mastery; New medications for adults with ADHD; Coping styles in ADD adults and more.
This is a good self-screening quiz for ADHD. Don’t take the results as gospel, but they give a good indication as to whether this is something you might want to have evaluated by a professional.