Stress Management – Resiliency

  • “The Healthy Mind Platter”: An informative article about resiliency by David Rock and Daniel Siegel. They discuss the necessity of a variety of experiences for a healthy mind, just as you need different types of foods for a healthy body. There are seven topics of experience they focus on: Sleep time, physical time, focus time, time in (meditation or reflective), down time, play time, and connecting time.
  • Resiliency Definitions: A collection of definitions of resiliency. This website also contains interesting information regarding resilience.
  • Resiliency Center Resiliency Quiz: How resilient are you? This quiz gives you an estimate of your possible present resilience.
  • Resilience and Grit: Resource Roundup: A huge collection of videos, interviews, and articles for adults looking to build resilience in young people. It includes topics on nurturing resilience, fostering grit, teaching growth mindset, managing stress, learning from failure, and responding to trauma and tragedy.