Stress Management – Relaxation Exercises

  • Rainy Mood – A website devoted to rain as a soundscape. A great audio tool to have running in the background when you’re feeling tense. Deep breathing paired with this website could really clear your head.
  • Youth in BC Stress Management Exercises: Here, you’ll find a number of relaxations scripts, relaxation and meditation audio and video exercises available for download for free.
  • Georgia Southern University Online Relaxation Exercises: This site also has a number of useful relaxation scripts to read through, along with free audio downloads of the scripts.
  • 3-Stage Relaxation: This is a streaming and downloadable audio exercise that walks through a 3-Stage relaxation process, starting with relaxation of the muscles, then calming of the thoughts, then changes in blood flow that accompany the relaxation process.
  • Yoga Nidra & Pranayama: Non-moving, deep breathing yoga designed to bring you into a state of peace. One hour of yoga nidra is said to be equivalent to three hours of sleep!