Stress Management

What is Stress?

Stress is different for everyone
It is important to note that stress is uniquely experienced in every person. A good example is a roller coaster. Some people are terrified, clenched in their seats, and some love the ride, screaming along and laughing during the ride. It is hard to say whether the roller coaster was overall stressful, as each person would explain the experience differently.

Not all bad
Stress comes in varying degrees and forms. It is important to keep in mind that not all stress is “bad stress.” There is also good stress! This can accompany things like winning a race, completing a presentation, or going on a date with a crush. Though these can relate to bad stress, they typically accompany feelings of nervous energy that can benefit your performance in the said events.

Stress can be a huge strain. It can lead to all kinds of negative emotions, tense muscles, and an overall negative outlook on the world. We want to help you manage these feelings! There are many different ways to reduce stress. It is a common part of every college student’s life, and that’s okay. It’s natural, normal, and manageable. We hope to provide a few options for stress management. Take a minute to explore!

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