St. Olaf College | COVID-19

October 15, 2020 at 12:08 p.m.

Important Dates and Info for Holiday Break, Interim and Spring Semester

To St. Olaf College faculty and staffFrom Campus Reopening Lead Enoch Blazis

Hello Colleagues,

I am following up on President Anderson’s message from last week on Interim and Spring Semester with some important dates and information about the Holiday Break, Interim, and Spring Semester.

In spite of national and state COVID trends, the St. Olaf on-campus community continues to do well, and we are holding our campus alert status at “green.” This result is in large part because of our adherence to our Community Standards. I encourage everyone to stay focused on being smart and looking out for the community in the remaining weeks of the semester. Our approach for reopening this fall has proven to be sound, and so we are applying it to our plan for the Holiday Break, Interim and Spring Semester.

Holiday Break and Interim (November 25, 2020 through February 9, 2021)

Our priority is to reduce the number of people on campus as much as possible to avoid the heart of the cold and flu season.

  • Students who can return home should do so.

  • Campus will remain open for those students who cannot leave because of travel restrictions or other circumstances.

  • Student Life will let students know soon how to request to stay on campus.

  • Those employees who can continue to work from home should do so (as approved by their supervisor).

  • Faculty members and staff who need to pursue their work on campus may do so while continuing to observe our Community Standards.

Spring Semester (February 9)

We will repeat the procedure to reestablish our campus “bubble.”

  • Students will again be given scheduled times to arrive on campus, beginning on February 9 and ending February 10.

  • Students, faculty and staff will participate in two rounds of testing.

    • Faculty/Staff: February 8-9 (Round 1); February 15-16 (Round 2).

    • Students: February 10-11 (Round 1); February 17-18 (Round 2).

  • Students will be required to quarantine on campus through February 22.

  • Classes will begin online starting on February 15 to facilitate the quarantine period.

  • Classes will resume in person or in a hybrid format on February 22.

  • Random surveillance testing will begin after February 22.

As we continue to operate in these challenging conditions, I would like to thank everyone in advance for their efforts and flexibility in making this plan work, especially our faculty and students for being flexible in starting classes fully online for the first week of the Spring Semester. I also want to thank everyone again for adhering to our Community Standards as well cooperating in showing up for testing on time and working with our contact training team when called upon to do so. Continuing to focus on these matters will enable us to achieve our goal of maintaining the entire academic year on campus.

Be well,