Environmental Studies Concentration

The Environmental Studies Concentration draws upon the disciplinary strengths of a traditional major and a set of courses focused on the environment, including two integrative courses. Students may utilize environmental studies-related upper-level courses within their own discipline to complete requirements of the concentration if the courses have a significant component that addresses environmental concerns.

  1. INTEGRATIVE COURSES (EnvSt 137, 237)
  2. COURSES REPRESENTING ENVST AREAS OF EMPHASIS (one from each area of emphasis – Natural Science, Social Science and Arts & Humanities)
  3. ES ELECTIVE (one additional course from those listed)


Students will choose one additional environmental studies courses from among those listed in the major. This may include (but need not) the senior seminar. Elective courses must have a significant component that addresses environmental concerns, but they need not have environmental issues as their exclusive focus.

Concentration Worksheet

Click the List of Courses that count toward the concentration (Class of 2021- ; Classes of 2018-2020 may choose this preferred option).

Click the Past List of Courses that count toward the concentration (for Class of 2020 and prior).


Intended Learning Outcomes

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