Aidan Lloyd

Aidan Lloyd ’24
Aidan Lloyd ’24 (Student)

Why are you serving on the Council on Equity and Inclusion?
I am serving on the Council because it has always been a charge of mine to use my knowledge, life experiences, and critical thinking to improve the experiences of others.

What drives your interest in and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracist work?
My interest stems from my own personal experiences and desire to assure nobody else ever has repeats of my experiences. We all have the responsibility to look at our lives and determine what is worthy to continue and what is necessary to cast out of our world. Racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination have long overstayed their welcome, and I want to do my part to stand against inequalities.

When someone asks you how they can support this work on campus, what is your advice?
The first responsibility everyone has is to look at themselves and define their values and what they see is wrong or right — and from there, the work becomes obvious with how you can make an impact around you as you clearly see what is wrong and what your role is in disabling change. Once you realize this, it’s harder not to see where you are needed.

What is your hope for the future of St. Olaf?
My hope is with every graduating class, alumni can look back on their experience and see St.Olaf as their home and then come back and see the changes and think “Wow, this is better and the college is moving toward a more complete future.”