Hassel A Morrison

Hassel A Morrison
Hassel A Morrison, Vice President for Student Life (Leadership)

Why are you serving on the Council on Equity and Inclusion?
I am serving on the Council on Equity and Inclusion because I am passionate about ensuring that all members of our community feel valued and feel that they matter and they belong.

What drives your interest in and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracist work?
I had past experiences of feeling mistreated and misunderstood, thus I vowed to do something so that others would not feel the same way. My goal is to uplift any strategic thinking, training, education, or listening that might help people be more welcoming to others.

When someone asks you how they can support this work on campus, what is your advice?
I think the first step is to offer a listening ear, be willing to learn, and to connect with identity groups outside of your own.

What is your hope for the future of St. Olaf?
My hope for St. Olaf is that members of our community continue to be brave, ask good questions, and to challenge our own understanding. We should always strive to do the right thing, even when it is not comfortable or popular.