Report to the Community

Select the image above to download a PDF of the Working Group Report to the Community.

Over the past year, St. Olaf has been addressing issues of racism, bias, and exclusion on campus. Our Working Group on Equity and Inclusion has been a part of this process — listening to the community and developing recommendations to make St. Olaf a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.

We are pleased to submit our recommendations for long-term, effective and sustainable solutions to create an inclusive campus culture at St. Olaf. This report is not intended to be the conclusive answer to racism, equity, and inclusion, but represents our best thinking given the current context. The work of equity and inclusion is ever-changing, and our recommendations suggest an approach that will allow St. Olaf to adapt and engage in new ideas, approaches, and mechanisms for our community’s work today and into the future.

The report has been released to President Anderson, the Board of Regents, and the St. Olaf community at the same time. We encourage you to provide your feedback directly to President Anderson and his leadership team.

Read President Anderson’s response to the report here.