Current Student Employment

For questions about job openings and other payroll-related items, please contact the Student Employment Coordinator, Audrey Turner, at or 507-786-3480.


St. Olaf offers the opportunity to work in an on-campus or off-campus job to all students with demonstrated financial need. Total earnings will depend on the total number of hours worked. Students may choose to have earnings paid to their student account, directly deposited into a bank account or receive a paper check.

In many cases, a student’s need-based student employment will be used to meet the family’s financial need. Many students will use student employment earnings to cover their charges at St. Olaf College, while other students may wish to use their earnings to help with other educational expenses (such as books, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses). In these cases, other arrangements would need to be made to cover direct charges to the student account.

Students are not guaranteed to earn the full amount of their work award. Once a student is placed into a position, it is their responsibility to work with their supervisor to arrange hours. Students are limited to their work award. Once a student reaches their limit, they will no longer be eligible for student employment in that academic year.