Students – Census Data

This section contains demographic and retention data about enrolled students, information about intercollegiate athletics, and profiles of the incoming classes.

Incoming full-time, first-time cohort and
Full-time, degree-seeking student

Enrollment, various categories

Retention and Graduation Rates

High-Impact Practices

  • High-Impact Practices Dashboards: These dashboards show participation in learning communities, off-campus studies, and research by the time of graduation. The results can be disaggregated by gender, race/ethnicity/citizenship, low-income/first generation, and federal aid category.
  • Internship Database:  Includes over 1400 internships submitted by graduating seniors from the past five years. Each internship was highlighted as one of their top two most significant professional development experiences.
  • For previous data on High-Impact Practices, visit HIPs Data
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Intercollegiate Athletics

More Data