The St. Olaf Instrumental Musician Health and Wellness Resource was initiated, researched and authored by Jake Meyer. A clarinet performance major from the class of 2015, Jake developed an overuse injury at the end of his first year at St. Olaf. After recovering from his injury and learning about many important aspects of musician wellness, Jake wanted to create a resource for St. Olaf students so they could educate themselves about musician wellness and learn how to take care of themselves physically and mentally. Jake hopes that this resource will be a welcome addition to a well-rounded music education at St. Olaf and will help future Oles avoid injuries.

This project was funded by a St. Olaf College CURI grant during the summer of 2013. Jake would like to thank St. Olaf and the CURI Program for investing in student research and the arts.

This project would not have been possible without the help, guidance, and extensive writing expertise of Scott Anderson, the project advisor and St. Olaf Clarinet Professor. Jake would like to thank Professor Anderson for is time, patience and support during the work on this project.