Directory of Therapists

Local Physical and Occupational Therapists

The following individuals are known to the St. Olaf music faculty and either possess specific performing arts health care credentials or extensive experience treating musicians. Please do not view their presence on this list as an endorsement of their work by the department.

* indicates past or present membership in the Performing Arts Medicine Association

On Campus

*Dave Wieber, PT, of Wieber Physical Therapy, comes to the Hill once a week to treat student musicians and other Oles in need of physical therapy. With prior notice, on-campus appointments can also be scheduled with Wieber Physical Therapy’s occupational therapist, Ann Dahl, OT.

OrthoRehab Specialists, Inc. (Edina, Minnesota)

*Terry Buisman, PT

Terry has worked with many members of the Minnesota Orchestra, and does particularly excellent work with shoulder rehabilitation.

Reynolds Rehab Physical Therapy (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

*Jonathan Reynolds, PhD, PT

Jonathan did his doctoral research on movement studies of violinists. He has particular expertise working with string players.

Wieber Physical Therapy (Faribault, Minnesota)

Ann Dahl, OT

*Dave Wieber, PT

Michelle Wieber, PT

(See also “On Campus,” above.) Wieber Physical Therapy is located roughly a twenty-minutes drive from Northfield. Both Wiebers have experience treating musicians. Ann Dahl is a terrific local hand therapist – probably the best in the greater Northfield area.

Seeking treatment away from the Hill?

The Performing Arts Medicine Association maintains a referral source locating experienced performing arts medicine health-care professionals around the world. You can find a link for the PAMA Member Resource Directory here: