Spring 2022 Seminars

(All seminars take place in RNS 210 unless otherwise indicated)

February 9 – Summer CURI Projects in Physics – Physics faculty will highlight their ongoing research projects. RNS 210 OR Watch Video

February 23 – Physics in Industry: Transitioning from academia into a successful career in semiconductor manufacturing, Dr. Mark Wilson Engineering manager within the Yield Department and Intel Corp. Watch Video

April 13 – Opportunities in Materials Science Research, Gabe McAndrews ’19 and Raymond Wieser ’19. Watch Video

April 20 –Parametric Design and Computational Modeling for Complex Engineering Applications, Emily Johnson ’16, University of Notre Dame.

April 27 – Landscape Evolution Modeling: Growing and Eroding Mountains using Physics & Python, Dr. Shelby Ahrendt ’17. Watch Video

May 4 –Investigating quantum speed limits with superconducting qubits, Dr. Singh, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at the Colorado School of Mines. Watch Video

Fall 2021 Seminars

(All seminars take place in RNS 210 unless otherwise indicated)

September 15  – Physics Phaculty Demo – Your phavorite physics phaculty opher some of their best demonstrations and hear about the upcoming colloquium schedule phor the phall!  Watch Video PART 1 & PART 2

November 10 – Decoding retinal ganglion cell activity from starlight to sunlight, Kiersten Ruda ’13, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University.  Watch Video

December 1 –What does it really mean for a lake to “turn over”? Radiatively driven convection in a deep lake, Jay Austin, UM Duluth.  Watch Video





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