Spring 2019 Seminars

(All seminars take place in RNS 210 unless otherwise indicated)

February 13, 2:00 pm – Odd Elasticity: Soft Engines from Active Solids Speaker Colin Scheibner class of 2017 physics major and physics Ph.D. student at University of Chicago. Watch Video

February 27, 3:15 pm – Interfacial dynamics:  droplets and suspensions Speaker Sungyon Lee, Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota speaking on fluids, energy and the environment. Watch Video

March 6, 3:15 pm – From nuclei to stars: A journey in nuclear physics Speaker Shelly Lesher, University of Wisconsin Lacrosse department of physics on nuclear physics

March 20, 3:15 pm – Physicist as Entrepreneur – Renewable Energy, Climate Change, and Working to Solve Big Challenges Speaker Jimmy Randolph ’06, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of two renewable energy companies, TerraCOH and Darcy Solutions. Watch Video.

April 17, 2: 15 pm – Atom-thick physics: the progeny of graphene Speaker Erik Henriksen, Assistant Professor at Washington University Department of Physics Watch Video

May 1, 7:00 pm in RNS 150 – The Physics of Football Speaker Timothy Gay, Ph.D., Professor or Physics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Watch Video

May 3, 4:00 pm – Honors Day Poster Session, Regents Hall of Natural Science Fourth Floor Atrium

May 15, 3:15 pm – Directed Undergraduate Research (DUR) presentation    Watch Video

Fall 2018 Seminars

September 12 – (Wednesday) 3:00 pm in RNS 210 – Physics Phaculty Demo – Come see your phavorite physics phaculty opher some of their best demonstrations and hear about the upcoming colloquium schedule phor the phall!

September 27 – (Thursday) 11:20 am in RNS 210 – Learn about the Engineering Dual Degree program at Washington University in St. Louis – PIZZA Provided!!!!

September 28 – (Friday) 1:15 pm in RNS 150 – Building a Comprehensive Picture of Stellar Evolution Speaker: Natalie Gosnell, Associate Professor of Physics at Colorado College. View slide presentation. Watch video.

October 31 – (Wednesday) 3:00 pm in RNS 210 – From Flocking Birds to Swarming Bacteria: A Study of the Dynamics of Active Fluids Speaker: Xiang Chen Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. Watch Video.

November 1 – (Thursday) 6:00 pm in RNS 210 – Physics summer Opportunities Panel.  Come listen to your phellow physics peers talk about their physics or engineering related summer experiences. Watch Video

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